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GabysDaddy\";p=\"84695 said:
[quote="PupnamedPenny\";p=\"84689":64a0mdg1]I am so glad my pup is not the only one who does this. I was getting really concerned. I have gone to my friend and vet a number of times and have been told the same thing but it helps hearing that other boxers do it too. I am already feeding her a few small meals a day but will try the yogurt.

Does anyone have any ideas for when we go out of town ( to the Lake Tahoe area so it is higher elevation) and she refuses to eat and then since she has missed a meal she throws up bile a few times until she gives in to eating again.

I see this is your first post, so welcome to you and your pup!

As far as your girl refusing to eat, it's kinda like the old saying goes "you can take a horse to water but you can't make him drink"....if she has a certain treat she goes crazy for you can try giving her some to get her appetite going, but if this doesn't work I think you will just have to wait until she is hungry enough, even if it means putting up with a few urkas :lol:[/quote:64a0mdg1]

puppys go through growth spurts... when Jessie was about 9 weeks she didnt eat for 2 days straight.  I called the vet freaking out and he said that sometimes they just dont want anything... he said believe me when she is hungry she will eat.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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