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February Featured Boxer of the Month

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Vote now for the February Featured Boxer! :mrgreen:

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Who will be February's Featured "Valentine" Boxer of the Month? Cast your vote now! Good luck to all of our nominees.

First here are our five nominees in no particular order....                                

lulu's - Ekim                                                                                          

Sumyasmom - Sumya

JeanenesBoogerBabies - Mic

Lizcantjump's - Baz

Donnersmom's - Blitzen

And here are the boxers (whirled up just a bit :bigrazz:) you are voting on, in no particular order! Good luck all!  :D

Boxer #1

Boxer #2

Boxer #3

Boxer #4

Boxer #5
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Bump, I voted.
Wow thats hard this month!!!
Very Tricky... Good luck to all..
Good luck everyone... I placed my vote!  Is it me or does it get harder every month?
I can't ever tell them apart so I guess each month, this month it was #5.
Lisa you did and outstanding job!!
LOL! Thanks!  :lol: I can still see the boxers in the whirls....I actually thought this one was too easy!  :p
WhooHoo Blitzen says a big "Thank You" I voted, just not sure for who....Good Luck everyone, they're all cuties :lol:
Voted! Good luck to all the boxer babies!
OK, I voted, but once again have no idea who! :lol:
a big thank you for nominating sumya!! that is so awesome!. god forbid she wins..then I'll never get that princess crown off her head! lol! :lol:
I voted... and could tell which was which... its ok though...
I voted. I think I could make out two of them, one I voted for.. We'll see if it was right!
I sent in my vote....but I have no idea who I picked :lol:
Mr Ekim says Thank you for the nomination, next time he will wear his tux. His only comment was it is a good thing Hilary and Obama weren't in the contest because he would be a shoe in against them.

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Good luck to everyone......I voted for which I thought was the one I wanted to vote for...but....I can never really tell :) Everyone is so cute it is hard to pick one!
Awesome job Lisa....Congrats to all our nominess....
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