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walking on a leash

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At what age should tyson be walking on a leash. I try it now, but he dont budge no matter what i do or give him, its like he hates it when its on him? He is about 9-10 weeks old.
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Ditto :D Heather gave the best advice.
Yep... just takes time... there are PLENTY of posts on her that talk about how to go about it... we put Odin in puppy education class and it HELPED a lot!!! He picked up on it really fast!
Britney just started to wear a collar the last couple of days and she is now feeling better about it. However, it is quite cute because when she walks out to go the bathroom she is always trying to walk with 3 legs since the other one has a reaction thinking it should be scratching the itch the collar is making. And as you know at 8-9 weeks they are still clumsy...

I now am putting a leash on her and letting her drag it in the grass. She is improving every day now.  They are funny about leashes becasue if I tug she resists but if I let slack and say "Come Girl and act like I am going to run then she comes flying ... So it seems just give it time is what I see happening as well. Day by day....
Oh it definitely takes time, like was already said...The best thing to do is just let them drag the leash around, getting used to it. Don't ask for a lot as far as "healing" they are still babies.....Rule of thumb for walks is 5 minutes for every month of age and try to avoid concrete, stay on grass or sand, easier on the joints  :)
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