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I have been trying to get involved in fostering but they resscues in my area dont seem to be to interested even thou they are advertising they are in desperate need of foster homes.  Before i a had gotten my 2 present boxer I had applied to adopt and was not very well welcomed.  I think its cause my back yard is not fully fenced but I didnt even get a in home interview and they didnt even come meet me or look at my house or anything just either never got a response or was told I was good enough.  I have had boxers my whole life in this same house and never had any injuries or anyone running away.  I have mostly permanent fecning and some I had put up that I purchased from homedepot.  ANd i have a 6 foot high dog run for bathroom when they need to go out.  I do walk my dogs daily and take them to the local dog park which is downt he street from me.  So I dont get it.  Anyone with any help is this matter would be greatly appreciated.  I would just love to help a breed of dog who needs help and who has give so much to me over the years.

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