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Was curious

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How do u punish your boxer when hes bad? .....  I tell her no but lately ( with just about everything else ive trained her) she thinks im playing with her so i figured i would ask how u all do it?
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I make a loud noise and point my finger at mine and say no no.  I ignore them after they have been bad.  I don't know if it is working or not though.  They are still bad.  I think they will be no matter what though....
if im not mistaken there is a training section on this forum...not sure what its called but id assume training lol

check it out...theres alot of great advice on here for jsut about everything:D
Time outs are very good, but don't use your crate for those. You don't want your pup to associate the crate with "bad things". I have a big bolt on the side of my cabinet that I used with Angel for time outs when she was acting up, worked great. Or I would leash her and make her sit next to me when I'm working in the puter...
You could yell no, or clap your hands to stop them in the act of doing something like- eating food off the table.  Really though, they aren't going to learn the right thing to do just by being told no all the time.  It is better to redirect them.  biting your hands? stick a toy in his mouth, over and over and over again.  It may take a while to get it right.  I use "time outs" also, except I remove myself from the room if Felix is doing something like chewing my clothes or hands, or barking to demand something (Usually for Delilah to play).  He doesn't jump and bite/chew me anymore, but still barks a lot if Delilah won't play with him.
Well, lets see here- With Harley All we usually have to do is say " Harley, NO!!" In a stern voice, and most of the time, he listens, goes and pouts for about 5 mins, and then is back getting into things. Sometimes I put him in time-outs, but like the rest of the disciplines, he goes and pouts, then he finds something else to get into!! So I really don't know how to answer that question!! Sometimes I find myself getting so upset at something he's done, then I think back to when my son was about 2 years old, and they both do the same things!!!!!!!!! Then I just smile, and find myself getting down on the floor and playing with him( after he's served his sentence!!) =))
time out doesnt work for me :lol:  Savannah and Reese are ALWAYS next to me so   tethering them to me would be no different!!  haha. ..we dont really have too many issues though
I'm not sure how Odin's "feared" the STERN voice... but my stern voice is pretty much what does it. I don't yell I just get a little louder, deeper and stern. He immediately stops... if not ALMOST immediately. Sometimes he just stops and waits... testing... but once more and he'll get out of the kitchen like I firmly stated. lol

I've never hit him or anything... the stern voice does it... Kyrie too!
We use time outs.   However most of the time they get introuble it involves a toy tug or bone.  So the punishment is taking the object away.
Lola use to have to lay down when she got in trouble but she rarely ever gets in trouble anymore, just a stern voice now.
a stern voice is all it takes for us most of the time! I have to agree with Andrea, my are almost always next to me, so that would be no punishment!
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