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We are adding to the family

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Alright after just a few short days of being an new member and reading all the posts and all the great information (thanks aqua and boxer man rich for the plug on multiple puppies) I think that I have finally talked the hubby into Maggies brother  :D  He came tonight to see how he acted with us and Maggie.  And of course it went very well.  He is "HUGE"(45 lbs)compared to Maggie (39 lbs).........yikes.  Anyway I think we are going from a one boxer family to a two boxer family.  I am so excited!!  So here they are Maggie is on the left with the pink collar and Herbie is on the right.


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Make sure to fee dthem seperatly.. different rooms so you know both are eating...that is a big problem at the begining...:)Cheers and congrats...
Thanks!  I think we will actually get him on Friday.  Do you feed them at the same time or stager the feeding?
the way I feed them is each of them gets fed in their crate...they now know that when i go to get the food to run to their own individual crates...then that way I know both are getting their own food and I can keep an eye on them...jetta has add and would forget to eat when we didn't make her eat in the also seems to help them like their crate more...
Maggie looks so happy with her new friend! I wish I had the room and time for another one! One day........
Congratulations, can't wait until April when I can have two.
Congrats! On the feeding, we had one incident with food, then we fed at the same time but put a baby gate between them so they were still eating right next to each other and could see each other but were separated. Then we graduated to feeding without the gate with the bowls about 10 ft. apart and they know who's bowl is whose but I do monitor to make sure there is no issues. Ours do fine now.
awww..How old are they?  That Herbie has a very sweet face...looks so kind and loving
I think I am going to start out in different rooms for feedings and then slowly try to bring them in the same room.  Last night we really didn't have any problems while giving them both treats but I can see how it can be a problem.  They are both 5 months old and playful as ever, I swear they wrestled for 45 minutes nonstop last night.  All the manners that Maggie learned went out the door last night, but we will work on it  :D Herbie (is it ok to change his name?) is very sweet, Maggie kind a pushed him around.  He is has a very soft personality.  I think he will fit in just great, just want to make sure I help the transition to be smooth for both of them.  Does anyone have any suggestions on whether I should train them together or seperately?
awwww Maggie looks like shes smiling !!! hehe and hes gorgeous !

i feed mine together always of those raised pet bowls with 2 stainless bowls in it..never ever had an issue with food..granted mine were both 4 yrs old when i got them..a month apart..but maybe its b/c they arent both boxers i dunno..
good luck i cant wait to get another boxer !

whoo hoo for you
Herbie is a cutie, you can see the resemblence...Sure, you can change the name, start some training right away and really work on the new name, constantly use it, keep treats handy and you shouldn't have any problems...You can try feeding them together..Lay the bowls down a bit from each other and just stand there and watch...Then you can decide if it's necessary to feed in separate rooms. I've never had to do that with mine..But Samson eats faster, so I just keep an eye out that he doesn't nudge Angel out of the way....
Willow thanks so much for the information, I have to be honest I am stressing out over this.  I do not want feeding time to be a bone of contention with either of them.  For the past 12 years we have two dogs and they had no problem, just a little concerned maggie is going to try and be alpha.
I'm sure you are gonna be fine...esp. if you gave them both treats and they were ok...Bo will steal Jetta's treats out of her mouth if we let him..but he is not mean about it and it doesn't cause any are gonna have so much fun with two of them!
name changes shouldnt be an issue. We got Savannah when she was 2 and her name was mandy (bleh) and we werent thrilled with it. So we started workingher with the name Savannah and she responded so quickly and well.  congrats on the newest addition!
Thanks aqua are you available 24/7 for me?  LOL   I showed my husband the posts from yesterday and he said just call and have him come over and see how he does with Maggie......and he was sold from there :D
i'm on here a lot and always ready to help anyone, lol....i've cut back on work a lot and am just trying to work on getting should see my babies right now...Bo is sprawled across my lap and Jetta is on hubby's lap...totally lounging...I love the mid afternoons...that's usually when they've had a few hours of rough housing and calm down and cuddle...that and night's nice...they are both cuddle bugs...when they don't want to play you can't wait to get your little Herby boy huh?
Lucy's name was Diamond when we got her at 6 mos. She did fine with the name change - just make sure you use it every time you are talking to her. You will be fine - especially since they are so similar in age. Like I said, we only had that one issue with food and they were fine after that. Don't Worry!!! You will really enjoy seeing the two of them play and have fun together. It is really awesome having two, especially with such high energy level dogs. Hubby and I get our evening glass of wine and let them entertain us - it is so funny watching them play and all their play strategies...cracks us up!
yeah, I love watching them...when we first got Bo...Jetta was only 3.5 months old and less than 20 lbs...he was soo careful with her...while still that she is 6 months and only 10 lbs less than him...they will stand on their back legs and hug each other..hit each other in their slam each other, etc...better than boxing/wrestling on the tv!
congrats on the new addition! everytime I hear someone getting another one it makes me want another so bad!!
I'm sure they will get along great!
Be sure to post lots of pictures after you get him!
Sam was the same way with Lucy - it is almost like they know the limits. He is still about 20lbs heavier but I can see how he is being more rough with her as she gets bigger.
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