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We are going to Warren Dunes Aug 17-23.

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Is there anyone that lives near Warren Dunes in Michigan that would want to meetup and have a small play date.  We will have only Attila with us.  My brother will be doggy sitting Daphne and N'Kara.
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how come you are just bringing attila?some special time with mom and dad?
We feel N'Kara is too young still to go with us right now.  Daphne tends to want to be the dominant dog everywhere so to be kind to everyone else in th park we will only be bring Attila.

My brother will be watching both N'Kara and Daphne.  He stated that he will be doing some dog training with his weimaraner and use daphne as a training aide.

I guess to have daphne do the command and see if "Star" follows.
hope you guys have fun..lucky attila!
Any one live near or on the way to Warren Dunes and interested in a little play date with Attila?  We will be leaving after church gets over at 12:00pm cdt.  It will be a 2hour drive to the dunes.  Hope to see whomever...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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