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Hi all, very sad news to report. A year ago Lilly was diagnosed with a lymphoma. there was no biopsy done, but lymph nodes were enlarged, hypercalcemia was present along with elevated white blood cell count and a large tumor in her mediastinum was found by xray.

We started her on a heavy dose of steroids and discussed chemo options with our vet. We found a compounding pharmacy in Arizona and the chemo pills were very affordable. She had monthly doses of chemo over the next 8 months.

After 5 months the tumor was gone but at the vets advice we kept her on the chemo for another three months since he said it is likely to come back. We then started weaning her off the steroids until she was at one pill every other day instead of two pills a day.

She's been off the chemo and on the lowered steroid dose for a couple months and indicators are re-appearing. White blood cell count is elevated and lymph nodes are enlarged again. No tumor is present yet, at least not found in the chest area. We started her on the heavy steroids again while we, as a family decide what to do next. The last couple of chemo treatments were hard on her. She started not tolerating it well. She would be up all night pacing and drinking and peeing.

We don't want her to go through that again. We know that even if we do go through the chemo treatments and the cancer goes away again, it may just come back again. We feel like we would be doing it for us, not for her. We dread the thought of putting her down, but we are talking to each other like it would be the right thing to do. For her. We feel like once she seems uncomfortable or starts getting sicker we would have to walk that road.

I am writing this only because I am looking for stories of your boxers in the same situation. What you did and what you didn't do? Did the cancer always come back? How long did you give it after making the hard decision to put your friend down? What behavior from your boxer made you make the decision? What other ways to fight this might there be (I saw the thread on alternative methods). What has worked and what hasn't? I know all dogs will be different but I feel like I need ideas and want to hear your stories.

Thanks and say a prayer for Lilly please.
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