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Weight concerns

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G have had Bo for 2 months today...he is 11 months old...45.2 lbs...has ranged from 45-46.4 lbs over the last two months..has not gained any weight..not sure about parasites...fleas under control...he eats like a horse...went from Purina dog chow (3 cups a day) to Candidae (2.4  cups a day) and has had more exercise than where he was before. I assumed the first month was because of adjusting etc...but now two months and no size increase in a 9-11 month old?  What could be causing this...can this be normal?  Should I be concerned?  Our vet last month said that it's normal for boxers to look skinny...but to me..he is more than skinny...he shows ribs, spine and hip...we have increased his food the last few days...but he does look healthy..good clean eyes...shiney coat...soft fur...bright eyes...lots of energy...etc...I just worry about him...Jetta has finally gotten to a normal look...a little skinny right now, but hips/spine but some rib...i just want Bo to get there too
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Im tuned in as well. Hoosier is about the same age and weight. He just lost a bunch a couple weeks ago when we boarded him for 10 days.
From your description he sounds healthy. And a thin boxer is far better than a fat one. If hip and spine are showing up his food. The guidlines on the bag are just that, guidelines. He may need more due to exercise or just plain metabolizm.
Yes, what Bumpy said.  Also, they go through stages of growing and not growing.  We thought Henry was going to be 50 pounds forever!  But over the last few months, he's been growing again and is now up to 60 pounds.
I know how you feel - Lucy is 10 mos. and 44.6 lbs. Her ribs still show but she looks very healthy and is super energetic. I am feeding Nutro Ultra - 5 cups per day!
Just curious how you decided on 2.4 cups of Canidae a day.  Is that eating like a horse?  Oggie is eating 4-5  cups of Canidae a day and he gets lots of treats and extras.  And he's still all ribs and bones.  Granted he is younger and probably needs more food, but 2 cups of Canidae doesn't sound like enough to me.
I would up the food a bit. 2 cups a day doesn't sound like much food at all. I would probably feed 2 cups in the am and 2 cups in the pm, especially since you say you can see hips and spine.
Blue is 10 months and we are feeding him 4 cups of food a day, a kong with yogurt and peanut butter, and a pig ear!  2.4 cups of food just doesn't sound like enough to me, try uping it a little and see if he eats it all.
I would up the food. When Kiah was that age she was getting 2 cups in the am and 2 in the pm.
Well...I got the 2 cups a day because Simba...gsd/golden retriever is on 2 cups a day and doing great...Also, the bag says 2 cups...and sometimes if we feed him more he gets sick...not to mention with the Canidae 2.5 was all we could afford...that's wh we switched to diamond..he gets 3 or so of that now...but...Simba is Bo's size and I figured what was good for high energy simba would be good for Bo...and Simba has been on his food at 2 cups for 5 years now...Jetta got 2 cups a day because they reccommended 2-2.5 cups for her age and size...and she was at the smaller end of her size...but...I still feel that he should have grown some with better food and more exercise and more love...I thought that attention can help an animal to thrive etc...
Up the food.  The recommended amounts have rarely worked on any of my boxers.  Youngsters have always ate about double the recommende and still not gotten fat but each one is different.  My 16 month old currently is eating 4 1/2 cups of food per day and hasn't gained any weight in many months but I can tell she is growing taller.  My 3 year old is eating 3 cups.  

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