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Weight loss (unexplained)

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My 4 year old boy, Boomer, has me really worried.  We have a vet appointment tomorrow, but the closer it gets, the more nervous I feel.

About a month ago, we noticed that he was looking a little bit skinny.  He usually drops a little weight in the summer when he spends all his time outdoors running around, but this is unusual in the middle of winter.  We started giving him a little bit more food every day and thought he would put the weight back on.  Well, he didn't.  About a week later, he wouldnt sit for his treat.  He has never done this, he sits when he sees the treat container.  I realized pretty quickly that he wasn't sitting because it hurt him.  He was dancing around trying to figure out a way to tuck his butt down to get the treat... so sad!  Over the next couple of days we noticed this and him periodically limping or having trouble getting on the couch or getting up from lying down (it always seems to be his hind legs that are affected).  He seems sad and just not himself at times, but other times he acts normal (just really skinny).

This past week, he has begun to look so skinny it is like those dogs on the rescue shows who are taken from their owners.  His ribs are all showing and his hip bones are sticking out.  He seems to be eating okay (and we are feeding him extra).   I did an internet search of his symptoms and cancer was in every listing!  I am so scared to take him in tomorrow.  I feel like I am losing my dog!   :cry:
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oh my poor baby, i hope it's not cancer good luck and keep us posted.
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