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Well, I WAS concerned for her health...

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But, thanks to our fabulous "household toxins" list, I can rule out toxicity...SO, that leaves behavior...any clues as to WHY a boxer wants to eat kitty litter(and or the substances therein)????  Miss Pua seems to have a kitty litter craving...we are doing everything we can(gate up across laundry room entrance) to keep her out of it...except get rid of the teenagers(and husbands) who keep forgettting and leaving the dang gate open! UGH!!!  It is SO gross...very few things will gross me out that bad...but, this does...what is the deal? Anybody know? I am sure there are others who have had this problem, since it's on the list of items(gratefully under "non toxic") I am VERY frustrated with it...  :sick:

Thanks for listening!
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LOL... same reason they eat their own poop... or they eat paper, plastic, wood, shoes, underwear...

who knows! LOL!
Fiona had that problem and I used a product called Forbid to stop it.....Added it to the cats food.  They just like it not other reason.  Just diggin for some kitty krunchies :)
I don't know what it is with cat litter and it's contents!! Buster used to go after it as well. I'm not just talking about the poop either. He used to even eat clean litter. I finally solved the problem by putting the litter box in the laundry room with a gate that has a cat door opening at the bottom. Here is a pic of the gate.

It is a very tall gate and has a walk thru door with the cat door on the bottom. Cats can go through, dogs can't. Although I don't know if Pua could squeeze through! Anyway, maybe something like that can help solve the problem. Good luck! I know how frustrating that is!
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My friends who have dogs and cats, had the same problem.  They solved it by putting the cat box up on a counter where the dogs couldn't get it.
Still in the laundry room, just up off the floor.
We did the same thing Lisa did, gated it off - They just love getting in that darn litter box! ICK!
Keep in mind that the litter itself is generally not toxic and they main reason for being there is kitty krunchies but sometimes they will lick and eat the litter....The clumping litter can cause stomach issues for dogs if they get a decent amount of it....So be careful of that....Anyone who has used clump litter think of what it looks like when urine hits it and it scoops out in that big think of it interacting with the fluid in a dogs stomach....Yuk  same concept big huge blob of litter.....
Seems to me Andrea also had or may still have this problem with one of the girls Jeanene...That gate looks like a great idea, but yea little miss Pua may be able to wiggle her way thru that :lol:
yuk! i used to have that problem with sumya but i switched litters now she is no longer interested.maybe switch the litter?
:roll: Isis still does that its soooo gross when she comes in with a face full of litter ..grossssssssssssss....she doesnt bother the litter when its clean just when there are 'hidden treats' in it YUK !

we ususally catch her going in but every so often shell sneak in there un noticed...that gate is a GREAT idea:D
Duke will try to get into it too but we keep it downstairs and he is only allowed down there if we are downstairs.  Sometimes he will try to sneak into it if I'm not paying attention.  I agree completely gross :(
I'm just glad I ate lunch BEFORE this thread.   :lol:
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