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Wellness Core

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Bought a 4lb bag because I am a bad dog mom and did not thaw out any raw.  So needed to make a pit stop for some kibble on the way home.   They seemed to like it, added in some salmon oil and garlic.

Anyone else use it - I've used Timberwolf & Tast of the Wild but this is my first time using Core.
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Haven't used core yet but i will be once Gaby reaches 12 months.....right now i've got her on the Wellness just for puppy, and she just loves it!
I've never used Core but I do have Zoe on Wellness Just For Puppy. To me, it smells like salmon and she absolutely loves it. She looks great too. I do believe Core got a 6 star rating on you picked a good one. How's it working out??
Since I normally feed only raw, I only will do a grainless kibble.   I got the ocean whitefish flavor, and the seemed to like it - Its only for a day, because I thawed out my raw tonight but it was a good filler and will use the rest as treats and kong stuffers.
I just saw this food new at a local pet store....just wondering - what is everyones opinion on the high protein content in the food?
The protein content was one of my concerns with most of the 6 start products.  I do know that the salmon in the taste of the wild line has a lower protein content am considering trying that over the summer.
I used it for a while right after I had the baby - went through a 40lb bag in two weeks between two dogs!  8O

And they STILL lost weight.

Talk about eating me out of house and home!

It was only a short term solution for us - they're back on raw and doing fine, but still. . .
Yeah the 4 lb bag was 11.00 but they had a 5.00 off coupon, so for short term, it did the trick.
but is a high protein content a good thing or sometimes a bad thing...what is a good protein level for boxers?
I'm trying to find a good food for Phoenix and looking around but the protein content is one thing I don't know about.
What's a good balance of protein, fat and calorie content on a food?
I just started Izzie on the Wellness Core - Reduced Fat formula because the fat content in EVO was too high and she's been gaining weight instead of losing it!  We're still in the process of switching her over, but she loves it and it's a grain-less kibble so you can't go wrong there. We have Beckham on 50% raw (at night) and he's on EVO-red meat small bites for his morning food, so I'm a big proponent for raw and or grainless kibble if it's at all possible (financially or availability).   The Core is the first Wellness product (besides the Wellness treats) that I've purchased and I've heard great things!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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