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We're moving!!! :)

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Hey everyone, Ray and I here trying to get some insight on stuff.
I live here in KC, MO and I will be moving for college to the wonderful island of Hawaii and of course I'm taking my best friend with me.
She will be around 8months old when I leave in July and I will be driving to California and then going to fly from Cali to Hawaii.

Can anyone tell me how bad it will affect her for this drastic change and could you also give me some insight if you flown with your dogs. How did you do it? Was it cargo? I feel so bad that she will be treated as "luggage" bleh :( how much does it cost to fly a dog out? Especially a medium sized dog like a Boxer....?
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When we got our boxer, Brystal, we got her from a breeder in Ohio, and I live in Austin Tx. She was 8 weeks old at the time. Unfortunately, I believe she had a dramatic time. She is almost 3 yrs old now, and still afraid when an airplane or helicopter fly overhead. Also she is scared of the car. She will sat in the back seat with her body turned the opposite direction, facing the back and her butt on the edge of the seat. After reading articles on line about airlines and how they treat the pets I, personally, will never fly my pets unless they can seat in the seat next to me. My advice is to read the articles and really research the airline to find out how your baby will be treated. Good luck to you.

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