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They were originally bred to hunt wild bear, boars and bulls, they were called "bull baiters".  They hunted in packs and their underbites were bred into them so that they could latch on to the wild animal and hold on till the hunters could make the kill.

I had one kill a woodchuck once.  He grabbed the big beast quickly by the neck.  Thru it up very hard into the air and snapped it's neck.  When in came back down and landed on the ground he walked over and peed on it and walked away.  It was dead as a door nail.  I try to keep mine under close watch as were we live we have bears and such.  They are hardwired for the hunt chase still, atleast mine is.  They too love to play in the sand and dig and slide around on it.  They are too funny to watch boxer buzzing around in it.

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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