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I'm just curious how leniant/strict some owners are... I feel like I'm pretty leniant but when I don't tolerate something, I mean it... Mine include:

1. Begging at the table
2. "Back Talking" ... If I give mine a command they don't bark back at me
3. Not following through with commands
4. Aggression .. some leeway with this when it comes to other dogs.. bully breeds are known to be dog aggressive and I keep it under control BUT if I want to add another dog to the pack, I will do so and I won't allow my current dogs to make that decision for me..
5. Aggression over toys, food, treats, etc .. EVERYONE SHARES.. especially MY bed..
6. Charging the door ... biggest peeve! I've been knocked over by a 40lb dog rushing the door.. My 90lb beast WILL NOT do it.. =o)

I think thats it.. can't really think of anything else... These don't apply to my boyfriends dogs..  :evil:  His dogs rule the house (literally) but my dogs still follow my rules no matter where we are and if another dog is "breaking the rules". I respect the pack mentality.. but I'm alpha over our *little pack* so what I says, still goes...

Anyone else?
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