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What color collar???

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I am going to order a collar and leash from a vendor on ebay who custom makes them.  Just basic nylon webbing but I can choose any color.  I really like the green  I have now but it just gets so dirty.  I live in Ga and the lime green collar I  have gets dirty all the time and needs to be washed several times a week.  So I was wondering what color to go with this time??  

Also this collar will stay on her all the time rather than being a two in one leash and collar combo that I take off whenever she is in the house.
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Jessie and Maggie have pink... so people will stop saying he...

But Jessie also has a NY Rangers collar & Leash and a Grateful Dead Dancing Bears collar.
I was thinking brown or even black because of the red clay here in GA but I also really like purple :roll:
I'm doing pink...........

These are the colors available.
What link is it? I want to get one for Mia and maybe a new one for Toby.. do they do leashes and harnesses too?
I'm a big fan of purple!  
In my experience no color stays clean.  We had a black colar on Lola for a few weeks....then changed to pink....and they both got dirty!  Guess it just comes with the territory.  I especially love cleaning her leash when she decides to drag it behind her then squats to go potty!
Awwhhh but she looks so pretty with lime green! I honestly have no idea what color you should get. You should take her to petsmart or something and put different colors up against her to see what looks better. I wanted this blue and brown for Odin... but on him it looked BAD. So we got black... guess you can't go wrong with that? LOL I'm no help LOL
Angel has gotten her pink one so dirty that I'm getting her a new one tmw..I'm thinking about a rolled leather one, a lot of the boxers at meetup have them and they really look nice...Marq doesn't like the pink anyways, for some reason..Guess I better not get the one I saw, it was pink leather, with a soft inside with silver bones all over it..I thought it was gorgous, but I think someone may throw a fit... :(

As far as what colors, I like the scarlet red & the teal myself.....
Hi all jus new to this tonight i got sasha a red one i think it really brings out her colour all your babys are gorgeous i uploaded an album of sasha  :p
We need to get Odin a black spiked collar... now that would rule!

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I like purple espically on fawn pups.Cheyenne had purple star had pink

We had a spiked for Rocky (when he was a pup) it was a HD.Unless youve got the money to keep buying a new one everytime he out grows it Id wait till hes fully matured.I know even the tiny spiked collars are $20+ atleast here anyway and the big ones $50+ I was going to get Rocky one but hes no longer with us.
Odin's not wearing any gay "Paris Hilton-style" dog clothing.  He's a nudist doggie.
LOL! I love that shirt! It's adorable! If you want custom clothes made, check out:

Her name is Rena and there is free shipping! She's wonderful! Might have to get some shirts and sweaters..
A nudist doggie...LOL. I think black goes great on'll contrast with the flash. I think scarlett red would also look nice on fawn but then again red's my favorite color.
Odin is gonna be a nudist? Oh my.....Love that shirt Mastray...Marq now suggested a spiked collar for our dainty girl...I don't think so!!
samsonsmom\";p=\"10297 said:
Odin is gonna be a nudist? Oh my.....Love that shirt Mastray...Marq now suggested a spiked collar for our dainty girl...I don't think so!!
I think Marq has the right idea... Boxers with spiked collars is great!

Odin will have a spiked collar, but after he's full-grown (can't afford a leather collar of the week right now).
Lol, well I'll let Marq know that you approve, but it just doesn't seem right on my little girl!! Now on Samson, oh yes, he could wear one, but he says he likes his collar with all the bones on it, he's partial to anything to anything having to do with food.. :lol:

Odin would look good with one when he's grown, I think he could handle it...They are expensive( or more than others), so I'm trying not to go too crazy on a collar..
Speaking of collars and "when they're full grown", at what point is a Boxer typically "full grown" in height issues (I know they can "fatten-up" with age, but about when do they max-out on height?).

I generally assume most dogs are full-size at a year, but are boxers quicker or slower on being "full-size" at a certain age?

Odin is about four months old now... just wondering when he'll be done growing in size.
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