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What do you do for a good dog work out?

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I want Jake to have the nice chiseled look.I have him on a good food and want to make sure he has a good muscle tone that looks like the ideal boxer.I know that you shouldnt over excersise as a puppy but what do you do when they get old enough for a more enduring workout?
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When they get to be about 18 months old, you can run with them, take them on a nice long walk....There's a lot you can do.  Right now, he's gonna be a little bit fluffy (belly), but with a slim lean look.
Henry is 14 months old now and looks pretty muscely (is that a word?).

I take him on 30 - 40 min. walks a few times a week.  He runs himself around the yard.  But his favorite is to "wrestle" with daddy and bubba.  I've got pics somewhere.  I'll see if I can find them.  It's funny to watch and gets pretty loud! :lol:
I don
Wait until they are over a year, 18 months to be exact to do any conditioning.  They are still growing and you do not want to have any injuries like an acl tear or something like that.

Just let them play.   Playing esp with another dog is good and they are lean dogs and will develop muscle very well by just playing.   Here is Kash, he has developed great muscle tone, and I have done nothing except let him play with his big sister and take them to the park.

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Buck was my poster child for the chiseled look, 70 lbs of muscle, thanks to walks 5 times a week and swimming, yup, you saw right, he loved to swim and would be in the pool at any opportunity. Add in to that his playtime with his sister Tia and rough housing and he was in great shape...Fly ball is also a great exercise as well as agility to really get them in shape, but like was already stated those need to wait til after 18 mos..
With Kiah we take walks a few times a week and we go to the dog park where she plays with other dogs.
I have Ringer doing the daily cross fit workouts and I juice him a bit with steroids.  Seems to be working well. :)

Here he is doing some bottle neck curls


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Charlie is on the same regimen as Ringer! j/k  Charlie and Sadie take a couple of walks a week, and basically chase eachother constantly through the house.  Charlie definitely has the muscular look, but he's lanky to.  Sadie has mass, but she needs to lose a bit of weight IMO.
OMG Dan!!!  That was hilarious!!!!  and I must say this...Ringer is getting to be soooooo BIG!!!!!!
The beach!


A day with maggie!
Yeah, I'm waiting a few more months before I get a saddle for him so I don't have to walk while taking him for walks.  I haven't checked in a couple weeks, but he is only 70 lbs.
[email protected] saddle Dan!!!!  OMGosh...You're killing me here!!!!!  


I can't reasonably tell you what I do with Lilly for a workout as my situation is so differant and Lilly isn't just a companion animal (technically).  However, when Lilly is off duty, we go to the park by my house with the kids and Lilly runs, burns, chases her toys down, and we play games to reinforce her training.  We also go to the beach alot and she and I will run the beach (excellent workout for you both btw...) and swim.  We also go on long walks up and down the mountain we live on (steep incline/decline; great workout), usually ending up at the fire station so that Lilly can get her treats from them and meet any new crew they may have so that she is familiar with their smells (just in case).

Lilly will be three years old in February, so she can handle more strenous excerise.
My husband walks with Gero about 45 minutes in the morning.
I walk with him 1 to 1,5 hours in the evening.
We are going with a 3 metre leash. On Sunday the female boxer of my frind comes and visites us.
They can play in my garden as much as they want.
Also Gero has the possibility to walk in the garden as much as he wants.
When we are working (he is alone 7 hours daily) he is able to move through our
complete house (no crate)

I think Geros muscles are o.k.

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ROTFLMAO...Dan, maybe that's why Ringers has the runs, it's all those steriods you have been giving him  :) Gabrielle, Gero looks awesome  :) He's a big boy
Just laughed out loud looking at picture of Ringer,that is so funny! Gero is gorgeous.
Maverick is too young for real exercise but he does burns in the house and runs around and makes trouble. He also has play time with Travis every night where he plays fetch...throw his toy and wait to see if he will go get it and bring it back. He is good at getting it but doesnt always bring it back.
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