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What do you do when you have a partner who doesn't listen??

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Ok, since day one of owning Ashley ( she was my x-mas present ) I INSISTED she be on collar and leash in the front yard. We have a so-so busy street, but I know at 4 months if she see's something interesting..she will bolt, and all it takes is ONE car driver caught off gaurd.
I have tried everything I can think of to re-inforce this to my DH, but he refuses to LISTEN!! I just caught him out the side yard with the leash as he wheeled top soil into the back-yard. I yelled for her to come ( of course being protective Mommy ) and he yells at ME that she is fine..that she is listening to him, and following him around.
I am SO angry..I told him, "if you LOVE her like you say you'd leash her ALWAYS!! ". Now not only am I hovering around the back yard fence opening and closing it for the big oaf ( DH..not Ashley! ) but I have to give her a full bath, as he thinks its funny that she is jumping up and biting the soil as he spreads it..she is dirt from head to toe!! Grrrrr!!!!
Any suggestions besides hiding my baby girl when he goes outside?? ( I know his one and only other dog was picked up by the pound and died along the way due to heat would think THAT would deter him from letting her run free but NO!! Is he a block-head..or what?? )
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Re: What do you do when you have a partner who doesn't liste

Well I know how scared that can make you.  I always have to check and make sure the fences are closed my dh always forgets.  If this helps let me show you  a boxer that I have been following her progress at my local boxer rescue maybe this will help your husband, bc I know that it breaks my heart.  All it takes is one second.  Sorry if this is long.  It is dated from recent to oldest But here is cheyenne's story:

(3-8-08) Cheyenne came home from the vets office on 3-3-08 and she is doing very well. She saw the vet today and had her stitches removed. The Dr says he is very pleased with Cheyenne's progress. She still has several more weeks of recovery but he thinks she is doing wonderful!

(2-29-08 4:45pm) Cheyenne had her 3rd surgery yesterday and is doing very well. She is still recovering at the vets office but she should be going home to her foster family either Saturday or Monday depending on her progress. She has had many visits from her foster mom and other volunteers at Red Dirt. She even got a special meal of chicken and rice today (thanks Nancy). Please keep this little girl in your thoughts as she continues to heal.

(2-25-08 10:00pm) Cheyenne was supposed to be released today from the vets office. We were all so excited that she would get to be at home with her foster family. However, unfortunately that did not get to happen. Cheyenne's leg started to swell more than normal so the Doctor decided to do another x-ray. The plate that was placed in Cheyenne's joint in her pelvis was having problems. The screws had backed themselves out and were causing some complications. Cheyenne will be having a third surgery on Wednesday the 27th to repair the plate in her pelvis. Please say some special prayers for this sweet little girl.

(2-23-08 11:00am) Cheyenne had her second surgery last night to repair her fractured pelvis. Her doctors worked hard on her until 11:00pm last night. They said that Cheyenne is doing exceptionally well for what all she has been through. They believe her surgeries have been successful and they expect her to make a full recovery. It will be a very long road for Cheyenne but if anyone can do it she can, she is one tough little girl. Please continue to send Cheyenne your get well wishes, she will need all she can get. Thank you for your continued support and prayers.

(2-21-08 5:04pm) Cheyenne had her first surgery and now has one rod, one plate, 4 screws, and 5 wires holding her femur together. The Vet Hospital has ordered a special plate for the pelvis surgery. She probably will have that surgery tomorrow. The ladies at the clinic and Dr.Link were calling her the million dollar boxer...after all she has been through with coming from a puppy mill and the illness she had when we got her...she still continues to need your support. Cheyenne sends her wiggles and kisses.

(02-18-08 6:15pm) Cheyenne decided she needed to go for a little adventure this evening. When a cousin came over to visit, Cheyenne bolted out the door in all the confusion. She ran as fast as her little legs would carry her through acres and acres of woods. When she came out the other side, Cheyenne was struck by a car. A passerby, seen her get hit and stopped to take care of her. She called the number on her tag, and RDBR jumped into action. Cheyenne was taken to Deer Creek Veterinary Hospital, where Dr. Link and his staff went to work on her. At this time, we know Cheyenne has a broken femur, and her pelvis has been fractured in two places. Cheyenne was left in Dr. Link's excellent care, to await her first of several surgeries tomorrow morning. Cheyenne has a long road to travel to recover from her wild adventures. We want to thank the good samaritan who stopped to take care of Cheyenne until other volunteers could get there to get Cheyenne to the vet. If you could help RDBR in caring for this sweet little girl, we would be forever gratful.

Thank you
All of the volunteers at RDBR and especially Cheyenne's foster family.

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Re: What do you do when you have a partner who doesn't liste

Dear Husband
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