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What do you feed your boxer

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I am still pretty new here and I was ust wondering what everyone was feeding their boxers.  I started him on Purina puppy chos until I found out how bad it was for them and this week we switched over to Royal Canin puppy food.  He seems to love it and licks his bowl for 5 minutes after everything is gone.  They also have a boxer dog food for when they reach 15 months.  I was also wondering if the better food would make them grow any bigger than normal food cause I want Deuce to be big.
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RC is a good food and if its working then I would not change.
What Heather said!

I feed Odin RC... he loves it. It gets an A+ I think so I'm sticking with that.

Like she said... you don't want to speed up their growth. They already grow extremely fast for dogs and can already have hip issues because of it. Don't want to hurt your baby! They don't reach ADULT hood... or being full grown till 2 -3 yrs old. They'll grow up and then bulk up... just be patient. Genetics plays a huge part. If you know what the parents look like... you'll have a pretty good idea of what your baby will look like.
Xena gets Nature's Recipe Large Breed Adult, which got an A and Zoe gets Wellness Just For Puppy which I believe gets an A+. If you look for the dog food rating post, you can see how a lot of dog foods rate. And like the others said, you dont want him to grow before his time. Plus, his genetics are really whats going to determine his size.
I like to rotate foods, but I do it somewhat slowly and Lola handles it (usually) very well.  She was on Canidae for 6 months and for the past 3-4 months I've been feeding Pro Plans Selects turkey & barley.  I'm now mixing in Timberwolf SW chicken and Chicken Soup (CS).  By the end of March I'll probably be primarily on CS large breed.  I'm going with the "large breed" because Lola eats the Pro Plan Selects without chewing and literally coughs up full size pieces sometimes.  The CS large breed has a bigger kibble that gets her to chew better.
Thanks for the advice.  I would like to put him on Innova but I can't find it anywhere around where I live
superman34234\";p=\"86516 said:
Thanks for the advice. I would like to put him on Innova but I can't find it anywhere around where I live
         The Innova web site has a store locater attached to it. Hope that helps. :D
We currently are on Pro Plan Chicken and Rice....but i am hoping that by the end of march i will have my gang on RAW
There are lots of food threads under the "diet & nutrition" section of the forums.  Hope that helps.
I had Gaby on Medi-Cal adolescent formula which is the vet diet made by RC, but she kept having loose stools, so I've switched her to Wellness just for puppy, and she seems to be doing much better on that.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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