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What does your adult boxer weigh?

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I always think Voltaire is on the skinny side. Age 2&1/2 and 32kilos (71 lb) for about 62cm (25inches) high.  :? I've seen so many of your good looking dog photos that i'm curious to know if he should gain a bit. He eats good food and plenty of it but yours seem bigger! What kind of weight variations are there? Does age still come into it - will he be heavier as he gets older? How much does yours weigh? :D
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Our girl Daisy weighs in under 55lbs now. Males should be around 60lbs. I think Voltaire just looks like a big boy. Does he have any French mastiff in him? His face is priceless.

Oops! Meant to say 65lbs for males.
My girl Zoie is alomost 3 and she weighs 70 pounds. Shes a little over weight tho.. :?

what about everyones puppies, how much do they weigh....My little man is 11 weeks old and is 16 pounds...
I know!! Voltaire's face is a real squished one compared to the american ones, but he's got no mastiff in him :lol: !! I can see why you'd think so though - i also think he's got more of a Dogue de Bordeaux face (like in Turner & Hooch) than a boxer face. But I can assure you he's a pedigree or "LOF" as it's called out here - Have a read of the above website posted by Jordane originally - it explains a lot.
60lb sounds rather small  :? - I'm sure most males are over 70lb easily???
My female at nearly a year is just shy of 50 lbs.  I thought the breed standard was around 65 lbs for males and 55 lbs for females.
My brother in laws female (Wanda) is the same weight as mine though quite a lot smaller. They tell me Voltaire's skinny...and you can see some ribs. And he has got a bit of a tiny behind. On the Royal Canin boxer food packs the "dog weight" to "quantity of food per day" scale goes up to about a 100lb dog 8O ???? Are there some 100lb monster boxers out there? 8O  8O
Lets see.... Maddie is 2 and weighs in at 62 pounds, and you can still see ribs. She is very tall for a female, she is actually taller than my male was. Buster was 74 pounds at his heaviest, and he was nothing but muscle.  My friends boxer Rocco was and is still the largest boxer I've ever seen or heard of. At Rocco's heaviest he was a whopping 115 pounds. He was a little on the chunky side at 115. He lost weight, down to 105 and that was perfect for him.
Voltaire is gorgeous!! :)
Well keep in mind that if you see the last rib or two then that is fine on a boxer. Savvy is weighing in between 45-50lbs, but her vet said she needs to pack on atleast 10-15 more pounds to be at a perfect weight for her heighth. She was just spayed though before we got her, plus she had had a litter in Jan, then she was adopted by us so between all that she really hasnt eatin much so she is a little small right now. She is starting to pack her weight back on so pretty soon we will have to monitor her.
Our 9 month old Abby is sticking around 30-33 lbs. The vet said other than filling out when she gets older...she is pretty much cooked! I think she must be among the world's smallest boxers.  :D He said this may be the result of having been caged until 2 days before we got her (at 5.5 months--from what we heard, she was NEVER out of her cage until then) and having had giardea when we got her, without knowing how long she may have had it. Essentially, these things have stunted her growth a bit. That's fine, she will always be a puppy then! :)
My friends boxer Rocco was and is still the largest boxer I've ever seen or heard of. At Rocco's heaviest he was a whopping 115 pounds. He was a little on the chunky side at 115. He lost weight, down to 105 and that was perfect for him.
OMG! "Monster Boxer" really exists! 8O He must have been a whopper! WOW! But if you say 74lb was Rocco's heaviest i feel a bit more reassured about Voltaire.
And if a couple of ribs are OK that's nice to know too...[/quote]
my male weighs  60 lbs

my female weighs 52 lbs
Rocky when he was still with us was 56lbs
My brother's male boxer, now at Rainbow bridge, weighed about 97 lbs. at 8 yo.  My Tonka weighs 37 lbs at 18 wks.
Last May when Gunnar went for rabies and vaccination he weighed almost 70lbs.  I'm curious to see next month his new weight.  If I was to guess probably around 70-75 lbs.  And that is SOLID muscle!!
Saigey is 22 kilos he is six months, how much would that be?
Buck weighed 69 lbs at the age of 4..No fat on him, all muscle..I always was trying to put a few pounds on him as he was a bit too thin for me..Tia weighed 65 lbs at the same age and always on a diet as she was my couch potato..Lol..Samson weighs in at 90 lbs at the ripe old age of 10..Yes, he's a bit overweight, but we are working on getting a few pounds off of him.. Angel is my little one. She's gained at least 5 lbs since we have had her which she needed after her surgery. I'd like to get at least 5 more on her. Have to get her on the scale and see what exactly she weighs. Well, had to go satisfy my curiosity, got Angel on the scale and she weighs about 55 lbs..More than I thought.... :)
jessie is 10 1/2 mos.... she is approx 45-50lbs
Puppies - Last time I checked Lola was 10 1/2 weeks and weighed 13 pounds.  The vet wants her to gain more weight because you can see her ribs.  She has a healthy appetite, but she also is very active and works off all her food!  She's goes to the vet again this Saturday for a re-check so we shall see!
Scout is a little over a year and weighed in at  57 lbs.  Gunner who is 9 mos. weighed in at 61 lbs.  His father was tall and well built.  We have another boxer in the neighborhood, Harley and he weighs in at 105 lbs.  He is a little on the heavy side but not by much.  I would say he could stand to lose 10 lbs.

My other neighbor, Simon's mom took him in last week and he weighs 65 lbs.  He is 2 weeks older than our Scout.

We have a total of 9 boxers in our neighborhood 8O but I don't know what the others weigh.  One neighbor has 3 (white, brindle, and fawn) but we never see them.  She has a big privacy fence in the back yard but my son plays at the neighbors house and has seen them.
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