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What? Huh???

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Mic woke up to a surprise!

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OhMyGoodness!! that has got to be one of the cutest things i have ever seen!
Aaaawwwww!  That is soooo sweet! :D
Awe so cute!  That picture is just priceless!!!
:cry:  :cry:  :cry:  :cry: awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww omg that is the cutest pic ever...

Mic's little so cute !!!!!!!!!!!!
What a sweet picture, And Mic doesn't seem too bothered by his new lil sis!  :)
That is a great pic.....So what is Indy thinking about all this?
OMGG that is the cutest thing ever! You must have to keep your camera strapped to your hip so that you don't miss any of the adorable moments!! So precious.
Oh dear - i've gone all gooey!!!! Lovely pics, lovely pups!
OMG, I just love those pictures, they are the cutest.
Aw, that is so cute!  It looks like she's sleeping on her daddy!
Omg, Jeanene that is the cutest sight...I have no doubt now that Pua will rule your house with just her charm....What a sweetheart and it is soo funny the way the boys just seem to be totally entralled with her...
They ARE cute...and we are enjoying them!

Sharon...Indy is having his moments..on the one hand he is fascinated...on the other, he's a bit jealous...we are working hard to treat everyone equally, but, honestly, he has always been our "dude with a tude" and the more insecure one...He seems to be wanting to make sure she knows he is the boss...and honestly, I'm not sure she's buying it! Mic, being the actual alpha is unperterbed...sees no need to enforce who is boss and in fact is taking on role of protector and leader with her...we won't be leaving them unattended any time soon, as both boys are still puppy enough to want to play and also puppy enough to have NO clue how BIG they are(52#'s each now!)....and we are watching body language...and reinforcing that WE are the leaders...and top dog! the times when they have to sit and wait are being stretched and they are doing really well with it! The boys are both doing really well with their training actually...very responsive and attentive. I've seen a few of those teenage moments here and there...nothing major yet! We will be getting then in for neutering soon!

She is taking to her crate just fine...the usual fuss at first...she really IS a little pistol! She doesn't cry or whine or act frightened...she acts MAD...barks at the gate to her crate and bites it...then quiets down when no one responds and sleeps...we will definitely be enforcing time outs as she gets older...we'll start with training NOW...I have to say, though...she's very, very sweet and wants to please...she is ALMOST soft spoken when it comes to things like food, etc...As for her crate, if he could, Mic would break her out...the first time we put her in there, he sat at the door and worked the pins with his mouth, as if trying to find a way to open could just see the wheels turning in his head..."hang on kid! I'll bust you out!" So now, when she is in, she is out of reach!

All in all, it's not as crazy here as one might think! (Or maybe my idea of crazy is just OFF THE CHARTS!LOL)
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OMG! That is the cutest thing I have ever seen!

Soooooo cute..... I want more puppies but than it will be too much to handle. my baby has destroyed my sofa and if I'll have more they'll destroy all my house :(
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