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What is the breed of this dog?

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The lady said its an American Bull dog but other people on Craigslist say its a boxer... What is it?
She may be our new addition.
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Looks like a boxer with a really short ear crop to me.
She said that was done by the breeder :|
That is a boxer with a poor crop.  My Tyson's head looks exactly the same only he is brindle not white.

It's either a badly bred & badly cropped Boxer, or a Boxer/Pit mix.  Lovely looking dog either way.
It's at least part boxer.  Do you have any side profiles on his/her face?  That's a terrible crop job done by the breeder!
I sure don't... not yet anyways we are supposed to go see her sometime this week. I mean it really doesn't matter I guess, I was just curious. She is a beautiful dog and it really doesnt matter. The way she described her though and the way she looks, I really thought boxer also.
appears to be a white boxer with a NOT SO GOOD EAR JOB.I'm no expert but would lean toward the boxer more then anything.

My son was gonna get his boxers ears cropped this week,until the vet told him he did nothn but short cuts(no show cuts).My oponion is a short cut isnt for boxers (as they grow looks like they have no ears).

Hope you get the feller and make him a lovely home,(short ears or not).Good Luck
short crops on boxers makes more people confuse them with pitbulls.  I think the crop looks like a pitbull short crop that was poorly done.



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Assuming my boyfriend is in a good mood today and decides to let me adopt her, I will give her the best home possible!
I dont really care about the ears though... she didnt choose to be that way :( She is cute no matter what. Thank you for all the quick feedback everybody!
Skylar\";p=\"53226 said:
Looks like a boxer with a really short ear crop to me.
I agree!
looks like white boxer that someone tried to make look like a pitbull by cropping the ears short  :( . they said it was done by a breeder? hmmm. gorgeous dog though. i hope you get to take her home. :D
I agree she does not have an American Bulldog head, even though they are suppose to be more square they are sometimes more like a boxer so who knows!!!!...I go for boxer or boxer mix (american/pit) ...
I do too.. her owners don't even have her right now, she is out at the husbands parents house... She too is an inside dog that is being made stay outside because the trailer park her owners live in wont let them have her.
Looks like an american bulldog to me, may have boxer mixed in.  Here is a link showing some pictures of them.
I was going to say he looks like a Boxer with possibly some pit bull, but I think the short ear crop is throwing me off there.  Also, looks like it could be an American Bulldog.  There is such a wide range of the way they look, too.  Just look at the link Kiahsmom posted and you'll see a couple examples that are almost dead ringers for boxers.
I agree, I just looked at the site Kiahsmom posted, and she looks a lot like some of those dogs, but its hard to tell. Bless her heart, I hope she is able to come home to you. I know that she will have a good home with you!!!
ya she looks like a white boxer with a pit ear crop..which i ve seen before :roll: and theres someone on here that has a boxer that the same thing was done to..i cant remember who...its a man it chase or jeep? just cant remember

def not american bully...too boxerish looking ( lol at my new word of the day)
doesnt look pit either...not pit characteristics although people here in hawaii LOVE to mix pits and boxers...WHY? ..

reguardless...shes a very pretty girl and i hope it all works out for you...good luck :D
Ive seen some american bulldogs that look exactly like boxers so she is probably an american bulldog or a X of that but she does look like a real boxer too with a really bad crop job.
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