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What is your inspiration for your dog's name?

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I looked I didn't see a topic like this, but I might have missed it.  If this is an old topic correct me and I'll delete it.  I thought it might be fun to see why you chose the name you did!

My Jetta is named Jetta because she is a very dark brindle, and looks mostly black.  "Jet" means black and "Jetta" is the feminine form.

Oscar has two reasons: Oscar the Grouch (grumpy boxer face) and Oscar de La Hoya (another type of boxer!)

Jetta- five years  Oscar- three months
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sumya is named after the female boxing champion sumya anani. i wanted to name her after a female boxer, but i wanted it to be different, to me she was like no other, so i had to find a name like no other! (gotta love google!! )   :D btw, oscar and jetta are sooo cute. their names suit them!
Well I didn't get to name Mo.  That was her name when we got her.  Her full name is Shadow's Mohawk.  Shadow was her mom and she has this line of fur down the back of her neck that sticks up like a mohawk.  We got Niko from the Humane Society and his name was Nemo.  I didn't like that name.  Reminds me of a small fish not a big dog.  So I changed it to something similar.  We are getting a puppy in 2 weeks and his name is gonna be Barkley.  After Charles Barkley, the basketball player...I love him!
Jetta- german car- VW Jetta

Bo- came with his name
luvmyboxers\";p=\"81900 said:
We are getting a puppy in 2 weeks and his name is gonna be Barkley.  After Charles Barkley, the basketball player...I love him!
Barkley is a great name!  Not just for the basketball player but boxers are so darn vocal!

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Mingus (Gus is his nickname) got his name from a famous jazz upright bass player named Charles Mingus. A few months before we got Mingus, our 11 yo lab, Jaco (also a famous bass player), got sick and we had to say goodbye to him. We wanted to keep the tradition.
I chose Gabrielle because of the meaning which is "The strength of god", which I need to help me get through life's hurdles, I also thought it fit the breed quite nice as well being a strong working breed....and Gaby for short fits her character perfectly because she is very mouthy and lets you know when she wants something :lol:
[quote="JettaAndOscar\";p=\"81902":1vu8soij][quote="luvmyboxers\";p=\"81900":1vu8soij] We are getting a puppy in 2 weeks and his name is gonna be Barkley.
Mic is named from our last name and it was a "nick name" for Kelly's Dad and himself...

Indigo started out as just plain Indy...don't know why I thought of Indiana Jones or Indy 500...then he turned out to be the MOST MELANCHOLY and moody he became Indigo Blue...or Bluebaby

Pua is actually Puakeao'kalani which means "Sacred White FLower" in Hawaiian...I wanted to name her Lilly...but there were LOTS of Lillies around!LOL! I carried White Calla Lillies in our wedding...this "Sacred White FLower" or Pua for short!LOL!
Inga's Princess Fiona

Inga after her mother
Princess Fiona because my daughter said so! :)  Shrek III had just come out :)
Lette's name was Sophie when she came from the rescue...but I wanted to leave that life behind her, so I renamed her Lette, cause I always thought it was a cool name!!!!
Roxy was named Roxy just because OH had narrowed it down to two names in the car on the way home with her (I got to name Hugo so it was his choice!), Stella and Roxy and I liked Roxy best.  I've since looked the name up and it means 'little star' which I think suits her perfectly - she's been an angel with all types of training whereas our other puppy has been a nightmare!  Roxy is such a good dog!  :)
Cato is named after Cato June (Linebacker from Tampa bay buccaneers). Tiki is after Tiki Barber ( Used to be Running back with the NY Giants). Now I think about it, their names should be switched because Cato is actually running around like a runing back, and Tiki just big like a linebacker LOL
Fredo's name came straight from "The Godfather"..and it's so funny...the night we got him (after he was already named), he was laying on my lap and the movie came on and we watched the whole thing together..i thought "this must be fate"
Well when we got Duke it was during basketball season and Duke is Adams favorite team so it just worked.  And with Bentley (our new puppy in 16 days  :lol: )  I was googling dog names and came acrossed it and loved it.
My sister was pregnant when I got Jessie and we were talking about names and Jessica was a name she was considering... When she found out she was having a boy I decided to use the name Jessie!
The Cooper River runs through here.  We thought it fit better than the name the previous owner gave him, plus thought he deserved a completely fresh start.
My niece named Zoie in two minutes, she got the name from Sesame Street. Worked for me...

My husband is a hunter so I came up with the name Gunner....

Zora came with her name...
I actually posted kinda the same thing about a month ago in regards to why everyone chose the names they did for their fur-babies.

What's in a Name

But its always fun to find out the story behind names and we do have alot of newer members now!
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