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What kind of dog is that?

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Today when my husband and I went to pick up our son from his elementary school we took Jaxon along.  First of all we'd like him to be comfortable traveling in a vehicle, which he is doing really good at.  Second, we thought being around people as often as possible is good for socializing him.  We park about a block from the school and walk on the sidewalk, so he gets a little time to walk on a leash, then we stand outside the school and wait with other people standing fairly close.  Well we weren't at the school 2 minutes with Jaxon before my husband and I noticed some parents and grandparents, especially ones with younger children, moving away from us.  One little girl kept pointing at Jaxon and telling her grandma that "he IS a nice dog!"  An older woman finally came up to me and said "oh my goodness what a beautiful boxer, I had one just like him a few years ago, they are the best dogs ever!"  It was very nice since everyone else seemed scared of him.  A few people I knew came and also pet Jaxon and said how nice he was and asked how he was getting along with our boys.  When we left I asked my husband if he felt people were reacting to Jaxon like he was a mean dog.  He saw it too.  My question is do I just ignore it and wait to be asked what kind of dog he is or should I make an effort to show that he is friendly?  I won't stop taking him with me.  First he's just a 14 week old puppy and he is not mean, second I don't feel that just because someone doesn't understand my dog means I should keep him away from the public.  I'm not saying anyone has a right to treat any dog negative because they believe it's a different breed, but I was a little insulted!  I'm a little over sensitive please forgive me :)
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I think your taking Jaxon to school to get him use to traveling in the car and going for a walk to the school is a great idea, and it gives you an opportunity to be seen with your boxer baby.  I think it's also true that some adults and children are just plain afraid of dogs -- any dog, any size, any breed.  For those children that aren't afraid, it's a great opportunity to socialize your dog and let others see how good Jaxon is with children.  In the meantime, don't be offended that some people are standoffish, it's up to them when and if they want to warm up to a strange dog (even a puppy).  You be positive and you will attractive positive and interesting people to you so you can tell them all about your lil guy.
Ditto what Kate said, it goes with the territory. I used to get insulted when I walked Buck and people would go to the other side of the street. I knew what they were thinking " dark brindle, rather buff, oh it must be a Pit Bull"...Now, I try not to let it bother me, but when asked, I will educate as much as possible, explain that boxers are not Pits, point out difference, let them pet mine if they wish. At the end of the day, that is the best you can do, some people will get it, some won't....

The socializing you are doing is great, I'd keep it up, the people will see after time that your baby is not a fighter, he's a lover..... :)
You're both right.  I understand if people aren't "dog people" but it irritates me when people make assumptions about animals in general without knowledge.  We haven't really had the opportunity to take him out in public much except in our vehicle or on walks where we really don't pass many.  I agree there are breeds that are known for aggressiveness, but that is generalizing each and every one that falls under that breed.  I have never once heard anyone complain of an aggressive boxer.  I am not 100% innocent of being leary of certain breeds.  More with my children than myself, but not to the point I feel rude.  I guess what I was most insulted about was it wasn't just standing where they were and ignoring Jaxon, but that they actually felt the need to move away from where they were, like I didn't have control of him.  I even knelt down with him so that he didn't pull to get to closer to anyone.  He never barked, he pulled on the leash a little and wagged his tail as fast as he could.
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Ive had large dogs in the past, but never a Boxer, hve to agree with what is being said here bc I get asked a lot "what kind of pit bull is she"!
As with most things, people fear what they do not understand. Some people just arent dog people. Some people dont think Boxers have super cutest faces.
Im sure it will get more noticable as my baby gets bigger and older, and past the stage of "most puppies are cute to almost anyone".
Guess I will have to just bit my lip and smile bc they are the ones missing out on meeting a wonderful new friend for sure in a Boxer!
Yup...I hear you...knowing what our family members have been through over the years(from neighbors freaking out over the "mean sound" of Janies boxers playing on the other side of a very tall solid fence to a neighbor kid who likes to tease Jackson and Haley through their chain link fence and then neighbors blame the dogs for barking!) we are extremely careful...we have done all we can to socialize them...and they are doing SO well...we can be passing other dogs on our walking trail and all I have to say is "No...quiet!" and they stay quiet and relatively calm(Indy's hackles go up if you play with he does that...but, he's quiet and doesn't lunge) we are still working on "no jumping" we try to make them sit before allowing people to approach...and today when I saw a group of little girls streaking across the park screaming "PUPPIES" I made a beeline for the van, because I do NOT need someone to appear aggressive or confusing and then have my boys blamed for getting excited...I got asked quite often if Mic was a pit bull...we even had people who recognized that Indy was a Boxer and still thought Mic was a pit...I confess, pits make me nervous :oops:'s an involuntary reflex as I personally know a young girl who was attacked by a pit bull last Fall...the dog latched onto her head, part of her face and would NOT let go...she was playing in HER front yard...thank God she left emergency with stitches and not much else...except nightmares...anyway, I believe in my heart of hearts that there are pits raised well and properly trained who do just fine...yet, I confess, it bothers me if someone thinks he is a pit...I guess it's just because I don't want them to make assumptions and be oversensitive when he is around...the whole self-fulfilling prophecy thing...

Blah! I sure won't let me make me quit taking them out...most people just tell me they are beautiful! ;)
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I have the same problem with Lilly and ppl.  I have found that her vest helps a lot and having her perform "tricks" helps break the ice as well.  Thers something about a dog that can sit pretty and take a treat like a princess that helps ppl chill out...
See, you get offended when people are scared of your dog.  I want people to be afraid of mine.  I wish I could teach him to snarl at people and show his teeth, but he'd probably do his kidney bean wiggle even if a burglar broke into the house, maybe that'd scare them off.  Maybe one good bark, but from that point on, nothing but love.

Anyway, I wouldn't worry about it.  I learned something when I was an assistant manager at a retail sales job for 3 years...and it's something that just won't ever change...9 out of 10 people are just plain stupid and ignorant.

Don't let their ignorance get to you.


That being said, I don't think I'd take any dog over to someone who's afraid of it.  Just yesterday, I was out working at a customer's house...and met the biggest lab across the street, friendliest dog ever.  When the UPS guy came up, he got afraid, and the dog just went into attack mode or something...try it on your boxer, next time you're outside, walk up to them, wait for eye contact, then pretend you're afraid, my little guy gets jacked.


Besides...anyone who's afraid of a 14-week old puppy is probably an idiot to begin with (barring some children obviously).  And anyone who lets their child be afraid of a 14-week old puppy is also probably an idiot.
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[quote="deapee\";p=\"29349":26hidcsv]I want people to be afraid of mine.
Keep socializing Jaxon it is a great thing to do!  Ignorant people come in all shapes & sizes.  I have had parents almost rip the kids arms out of socket to keep them from petting my lab.  But they will try to let them bend over my toy poodle & pet him...he is the one that will bite.  I normally hurry & say please dont touch the little one, pet the big dog!!!
I have never understood the fear of big dogs.  It's the little ones & cats that I stay clear of!!
I'm big into advertising my pets :)  I'm a commercial industry's dream lol!  I think as soon as my boxer stuff comes (t-shirt, car sticker, you know) I will wear it and put it on my vehicle asap.  It's my passive-aggressiveness coming out :)

I'm also the type of person who gets annoyed when people call Bayla, my sheltie, a collie :)  I found this great saying "No she's not a collie, she's a SHELTIE...and don't you dare call her Lassie" it.

With that being said..Jaxon, myself, and my son are on our way to school :)
Honeyec\";p=\"29361 said:
...Are you trying to drag the entire Boxer breed down???
Yeah, my intent is to singlehandedly drag down the entire boxer breed's reputation with the general public.  Once I have succeeded, I will move on to the next breed and attempt to drag them down as well.

Ares loves everybody, and as mentioned in the post, I don't think he'd snarl at a burglar.  Note the wiggle comment and the kidney bean.  Do you really think I'm trying to "draw the entire Boxer breed down" or are you just being simple?  Feel free to re-read my post...start at paragraph two ;-)
I do really feel it's a great idea to get them out and socialize, especially at an early age. I don't see any problem taking him up to the elementary school. We take Debo and our other puppy (bullmastiff) up to the school, and wait across the street. I understand some people may be "nervous" even though he's the happiest, most excited and lovable dog ever, but his ocassional jumping up or wanting to, what looks like pounce, can make some people a tad nervous, and I understand that. I do think the more you do it, the more they get used to being around alot of people, sounds, childrent etc. Debo gets better each time. We just make sure he's secure on the leash and he has to SIT when kids walk by. We just keep encouraging him to sit and not lunge out (in an excited way) like he used to. We may get looks, but I don't pay attention to it. Most of the kids and actually parents are happy to see the puppies, for those that aren't, I guess you have your right to walk on the other side. That's fine with me! But they will eventually see that he means no harm and he's not a danger!
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How about this.  I've been walking Ringer through my neighborhood for the last month now and only two of the many dog owners have allowed our dogs to meet.  Everyone else immediately goes to the other side upon seeing Ringer.  Say what you will about the general public, but these people are obviously dog people and they still deny Ringer and their own dog's any socialization.  I'm far more offended by that than I am someone who isn't with another dog scurrying away as the sight of these sad, sad eyes.


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From a trainer/behaviorist point of view:

Wanting your dog to appear or actually be agressive is a really bad idea!!!  Irregardless of whether your dog loves ppl or not, your dog will pick up on your vibes and can become that way.  Unless your are an experienced handler of a dog of this're opening up a can of worms you may have trouble getting closed again.  Boxers don't do well in that kind of situation largely because it goes against their very nature.

If you give him plenty of love (i know your doing this...another spoiled furkid im and keep him as an inside dog ( sure your doing this as well) then he will be perfectly protective of your family and home...  Boxers make great family dogs because they are naturally somewhat suspicious of strangers and love their families enough to lay their life down for them (dont be fooled by the wiggle...its me) and will protect their family when it needs to happen...They don't do it unless there is a good reason...this is one of the wonderful breed traits...

That being said...


**this response was not meant to agree or disagree with anyone or start a fight or debate...just an FYI...
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I took him with me this morning and a woman actually stopped me and asked if our dogs could "get acquainted".  It was the total opposite of yesterday and very much encouraged.  She told me her dog was a chocolate lab, but I'd guess it's a mix between a chocolate lab and maybe a beage.  It had a very pretty chocolate coat, but the white and brown markings on the face and legs of a beagle.  Anyhow..she was explaining to me that her dog was 5 months old and was extremely shy so she appreciated anyone who would let their dog socialize with him.  He's 5 months old and smaller than Jaxon.  Jaxon of course was ready to play and pawing at him.  Poor little guy didn't know what to do, but oh my he had the cutest face!  She walks him purposely right before school and right when school is letting out so that he is around people.  I let her know that Jaxon or Bayla will be coming with me both times.  Both will once Jaxon gets the hang of being around strangers more.  Right now he's just so darn excited so to take both (along with my 1st grader son) would be a little bit of a handful.  Like I said I completely understand if someone is fearful of dogs, but the people who moved were not close to me at all.  Jaxon could not have reached them if his leash was 15 feet long.  Having Bayla for the last 9 years and being used to people just assuming she was friendly (which she is), I'm just in a new terrority.
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Yeah!!! Jaxon has a buddy.  She seems like a responsible dog owner, wanting to socialize her pup.
As some stated above,  some people are just scared of dogs period and others are not familiar with the bread and mistake them for pit bulls.    Cuda and I are on a mission to convert the world into Boxer lovers and are doing a pretty good job.   I take her everywhere including schools.
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