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What made you choose the boxer?

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What made you choose the boxer? For of my favorite memories as a child was going to my friends house and playing with her boxers. They were SO gentle with us kids...very loving and playful. Now that I have kids of my own...and they want a dog...I want the boxer for them because of how well they interact with them....and I've read that boxers love kids!
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There cute squishy faces. Thats what got me. And theyre energetic like i am. I hope Zeus likes my son that is on the way, well actually he has no choice.  :D
Sometime last year I was channel surfing and I came across a dog show.  I happen to turn to the channel just as they were showing a wonderful male boxer.  From then on boxer's had peaked my interest.  My decision was further set in stone after I had gone to the SPCA down here in VA Beach, and they had an 8 week old little boxer named Buster.  I wanted him so freakin bad, but they would only adopt to people with boxer experience.  I was pretty mad, so I found a breeder, got little Ferris.....and its been nothin but cleanin pooh and pee off my floors, trying to find my socks, and Ferris-proofing my house ever since.  Gotta love the boxer!
Well, when me and my husband started dating he had a boxer named Curly.  I fell in love with her.  She was just so sweet and full of energy and really good with my son.  She died about 2 years ago and we were so sad.  :cry:  So when we got to talking about getting another dog we just knew we wanted another boxer. That's when we got Mo.   We also had a cocker spaniel at the time.  We had to put him down this summer.  :cry: So then we needed a playmate for Mo and there was no other choice for me.  That's where Niko comes in.  And now my life is full with 2 Boxers....and I really want another.  I didn't get either of mine as puppies and I'm so wanting one.  One day! :D
Every single thing about them fits my personality perfectly.    I am lucky enough to be able to give mine the attention and love that the breed in general craves.    I hate hearing about them having to be couped up in a crate, laundry room, or back yard all day.   They love and need people.    They need hours of good hard play, everyday.   I can do that.   Mine goes "everywhere" with me.    I shop at local stores that allow her to come in with me,  bank at a bank where she can go in,  eat a resturants that have out door seating,  stay at nice hotels on business trips that allow her, etc.   She rides inside my vehicles with me,  has her own life jacket and rides the Sea Doos,  I bought a 4 wheeler that has a bed so she can go with us, etc.    Our personalities are perfectly suited:  both loving,  both active, both cute!  haha.
I chose the boxer because after i researched dogs and their needs etc i found that a boxer was best to fit into mine and my boyfriends lives. Also, my boyfriend wanted a pit at first but they are banned where i live so he wanted another active, muscular dog like the ones he grew up around. A boxer just fit for both of us and i preferred the boxer.
Lots of research! :lol:   It took me ten years to decide I wanted a dog and what type of dog I wanted! :lol:
My first pup was a rott/wiemar rescue from Houston SPCA.  We only had him for 15 months when he died, still breaks my heart!  Then we got Henry from the rescue shelter in Bryan, TX.  I cannot imagine having another type of dog ever again! :D
It was always known that if we were to get a dog, it would be a boxer. My hubby grew up with a Boxer named Tootsie who lived until she was 14yrs. Tootsie was the love of his life, so he only wanted a boxer...We also researched a lot to see if a Boxer would fit into  our lifestyle. We are very active people and have a lot of time to give to a breed that needs lots of exercise and attention. After having Sadie for over a month I realize that we couldn't have made a better choice. I couldn't imagine ever owing a different breed.  :)
After my hubby's cardiac arrest, I decided where medicine was no longer able to help his quality of life, I had to take matters into my own hands and I decided getting him a dog would be the best medicine I could give him.
Kate, what a lovely story. They all are!

Morgan had really wanted a boxer for a very long time.  One of her dad's neighbors has one (a non-neutered male, who is really out of control, to be honest), so I was a little apprehensive but of course didn't want to make judgements on the entire breed just from one experience.  Then Luke got his Boxer Archie, and I just fell in love with the breed, totally and completely.  When we went out to choose our pup in March, Beckham bounced right over to me and my heart just melted; I was done for after that!  I cannot imagine not havign a boxer in my life again for as long as I live.
When my ex & I got married and bought our house, we decided to start getting pets...He wanted a dog, a good sized one, but nothing mean or nothing...He had a Pit Bull for years and that was the biggest baby you had ever seen....Our house had a pool and we decided we needed a short haired dog to keep filter maintenence down, so I started researching... :) Neither of us really didn't want a lab, not sure why, kinda thought about a Golden, but nixed that thought, so I was reading the paper one day and came across some things about Boxers..So off I go to the pet store to get books, they happened to have a boxer pup there(yup I didn't know a thing about puppy mills back then), so the clerk let me play with this little guy for an hour and I was hooked!!! No, we didn't buy him, something told me it just wasn't right and the fact that they wanted $900 for him and this was 9 yrs ago!!! Started to make calls, checking ads, phone boof, you name it and we finally ended up with Visions of Timbuktu, aka Buck....The next year we rescued a little fawn female as a friend for him named Tia Maria and it's been boxers ever since.... :)
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Well we went to a resue organazation that our good friend has. Our plan was to only get one dog ( Lexie ) but as soon as we got there Gretchen ( passed away in April ) came right up to us and laid at our feet. At this time Gretchen was only six yrs. old and was a senior who had way to many babies and someone tried to make her look like a pit bull by cropping her ears. She also had some tumors which took thousands of dollars to fix and now she was ready for a home. So we took her in and she lived with us for three years until she died from a heart attack.

While at the kennel we found Lexie being crazy as usual playing around their house and just being a boxer. Once she was introduced to Gretchen we knew we had to get them both so we bought both boxers and they loved each other.

Below is a photo I took of Lexie and Gretchen together. I took this about two months before Gretchen died. Enjoy!

Oh look at them sharing the pillow so nice.  They are beautiful together.  What a sweet thing you did in giving both of them a home.
When I was a kid my dad found a boxer that had been hit by a car.  We couldnt keep him because my mom is alergic to everything.  So my neighbors kept him and he was the greatest dog ever.  His owner would pretend to hit me or my siblings and Rocky would growl at him.  I used to ride him like a horse.  

I'm the kid in the middle... with Rocky, with my aunt and one of rockys owners!

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it took us a while to commit to a dog; the hubby wanted one really bad and i held out.  we have a spoiled rotten cat that is 14 and i just didn't know what it would do to him if we introduced a dog into the mix.  he really wanted a boxer b/c as a kid someone down the street from him had one and he loved it.  so, we moved to a bigger place last year and the discussion kept coming up and i finally told him to start looking at shelters.  i honestly thought there was no way he'd find a boxer at a shelter--boy was i wrong!!  in DC we have quite a few shelters and i think he found 3 boxers total before finding Madeline but all already had applications on them by the time we got there.  so, once he found mad, he brought me back to interact with her and i just fell in love.  once that happened i think i picked up the torch even more than hi!!  i was the one fretting over having not heard whether we'd been approved for her, worrying if she'd like us, etc.

so now it's been 2 months and i couldn't be happier!!!  they truly are a wonderful breed.  and the cat doesn't like her much bnut we're making progress...  :)
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I'm glad you enjoy your boxer! I have always enjoyed ours! Gretchen didn't like cats either, but she got used to them. Lexie is okay with the cats as long as they don't bother her food, water, and sleeping. Haha.

I had a fawn Pit Bull with black mask named Rascal until he passed away (15 years old) in 1999.  After he passed away I decided to finish my degree before I got another dog.  Several people had mistaken Rascal for a Boxer, so I got interested in them and decided to research them.  I knew that I wanted an active dog, one that I could do a lot of things with and the boxer seemed to fit my life style perfectly.  My sister told me about a rescue in Illinois and I also found the one here in WI, put in my application last Feb. and found Kiah late April.  She is one of the best things to happen in my life and I now plan to rescue another (male) next spring.
Your Kiah is beautiful! She is a very cute dog!

I had a black lab named Jazz.  This dog was one that I would say went through "everything" with me.  She was a parvo puppy at a clinic that I worked at while still in college. The owners could no longer afford the treatment and opted to have her put to sleep.  I asked if I took over her payments and treatment if they would agree to sign ownership over to me. They agreed and she became "my dog" she was there through school, moving to three different states, through several boyfriends and then meeting my husband, she was there through the marriage and joining of households, she was there for the birth of my daughter and then she finally left this life at the rip old age of 15.  I went "dogless" for about 10 months. Which is generally unheard of given my profession.  I felt at that time that there would never be another as great as she was!

Then we were ready for another....I had to consider my daughter, I wanted a short haired dog, one that did not need to be groomed.  I am a big dog person, and I was not ready for another lab. I realized that when it comes to the perfect one that I would want as part of my family there are few breeds I would even consider.  What topped the list was a Greyhound and a Boxer.   I spent some time with the Greyhound rescue here in my area and then decided that I wanted to get a younger dog.  I set my goal on a female boxer around 10 to 14 weeks and I waited.  It took a while because most were already sold or had deposits on them by 6 weeks and not many breeders still had pups at 12-14 weeks of age. I finally found Fiona and she was perfect! husband and I are considering another lab in the future, but I can not see my home without a boxer in it too!
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After my bf and I bought our house we started talking about getting a dog.  I've always had dogs growing up and my sheltie passed away in May of '06.  We started researching, he wanted a big tough looking dog and I wanted a little dog.  We looked at pits, bulldogs, etc.  Then we started all the work on the house and didn't have a fenced in yard, so I stopped searching and said we should wait.  Unknown to me, my bf was still on the prowl.  He started looking at boxers and would email me pictures..."they're cute" is all I would say.  Then this past March my bf said he had a surprise for my birthday.  Tortured me for weeks.  The day finally came and he said we have to go be at the airport on Sunday night by 11pm.  I thought WAHOO we're going on vacation!!!!!  So we drive in.....start heading over to the cargo area and I just knew!  45 minutes later a white van is pulling up....the back doors open and there's tiny, white 8 pound bundle of fur looking at us from her crate.  I instantly fell in love!  I later found out that even though I said we shouldn't get a dog, my bf decided to get one anyway because my grandmother passed away in December '06, the hardest thing I've ever done was saying goodbye to her and he thought that a puppy would help take some of the pain away.  I also later found out that he didn't do much research on boxers.  He thought he was getting a tough dog that likes to play, but can occupy itself! Ha!  He now is the proud owner of a big cuddle bug, that loves to be with you and entertained 24/7!  But he loves her to pieces...we both do!  
Thanks everyone for sharing your great stories!
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