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What size crate??

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I get to pick up my new Boxer Tyson (I know he is probably the 1 millionth boxer with that name....LOL) on Jan 5th so i've been doing some shopping to prepare for his arrival. He isn't our only dog so i've got the basics down  but i'm stumped on what size cage to get. I know i'm going to get one with the divider that you can adjust as he gets older but what size would be good for him when he is full grown. I don't plan on keeping him in his cage once he is fully trained *as long as he can behave himself while we're at work* Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!
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I have a 47 inch crate works jsut fine.
I've been looking at a couple different ones. One is 31" High and the other is 33" high I know it's always recommended that you give them some extra head room so they're not ducking down while standing. Can some of you tell me how tall your boxers are so I can get a rough estimate?? I know the breed standard is 21"-25" but that is at the withers, not the head.
Our crate is 31" tall if I'm not mistaken, by about 4 feet long.  The only thing bigger is a great dane crate, but Charlie is a big boy, and he doesn't have much room.  We bought a crate with the Charlies that had a devider and he did good.  Sadie managed to get her bottom jaw hung in the metal crate, so I had to buy one that was good until about 25lbs. for her.
If you have the room, I would definitely get the biggest one you can and use the divider while he's a puppy...I have the travel type crate and it's an extra large, both Samon & Angel can easily stand in it, but it doesn't have a divider, so will have to come up with something when the pup arrives...I like them better as they are a hard plastic and escape proof :)
Both of mine are in 36" long crates..plenty of room for Bo so far...up til today they were both in the 36"...
I got this 42" crate for Koa.  It was really inexpensive compared to others I was looking at and built with quality materials.  It also comes with a divider to make the crate smaller while he's growing into it. ... pid=12011M
I'd go with the larger one  if you can..Good price by the way
Jaxon's is a Life Stages, single door, with divider.  Here are the dimensions 42" x 28" x 31"

Jaxon is 7 months old now, 45 pounds.  He still have about a foot length of space reserved (divider is in place).  The only regret I have is that I didn't buy a double door crate.  It would be more convenient for crate placement to have a door open on the long side instead of the short side.
I just e-mailed the breeder and asked for the dads measurements since I knew he was pretty big. He is 27" at the withers, 34" to the top of his head, 38" nose to tail, and 13" wide, and he is 92lbs. I think I might go with the larger one just to be on the safe side.....LOL His mom is smaller though, I didn't get her measurements but I remember him saying she weights around 60lbs and she is pretty small.
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