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What to feed?

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We've been feeding Lola Science Diet Puppy Formula.  For the past week or so it's been making her sick.  So we want to change, but not too sure what to feed her now.  I've read the Whole Dog Journal and comparing the recommended foods to what the stores around me carry and it comes down to: Blue Buffalo, By Nature and Natural Choice.  Does anyone feed their boxer any of these brands?  Are any of these on the recall list....(I don't think so but wanted to double check).  Are these good brands for puppies...Lola will be 15 weeks this Wednesday.  
Thanks for all your help!  You guys/girls are the best  :D  
P.S. We've been feeding her chicken and white rice for a few days to settle her tummy....she loves it...any dry food chicken and rice formula??
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we used to feed Buffalo, but dont anymore. When we got Savannah we had to switch because she refused to eat it. The boxer we had before Savannah though loved it. If you are switching i recommend that you buy small bags of the ones you are thinking of and see how your dog takes to it. Savannah loves it when i make chicken and rice, but wont eat a dry chicken and rice formula. hope this helps some
Beckham is on Solid Gold; I've heard wonderful things about Canidae too (our cats are on Felidae).  

So you do cooked chicken and cooked rice?  We've just started adding a LITTLE watered down chicken broth, and B LOVES IT!  I'm totally open to suggestions here :) Is beef broth ever used?
When Lola was sick the last time from her food the vet told us to give her boiled chicken breast and white rice to settle her stomach.  Both cooked and then cooled down.  Lola LOVES it!  She goes crazy when it's time to eat.  When we're cooking it we have to put her outside because she can smell it and tries to climb up the stove.  I'm not sure about giving it to her on a regular basis....although I suppose we could!?  I should try the chicken broth!
Hi Alicia,
I've actually been feeding my 3adult boxers Diamond Brand Naturals Chicken & Rice Formula for adult dogs. The 2 under a year old eat Diamond Brand Naturals Lamb & Rice Formula for large breed puppy. They seem to do great on it, their coat and weight is showing it. I've been feeding this for about 7 months now. It also cuts down on the gas if yours have that problem.
Hope this helps!

Alicia, I switched to Blue Buffalo about a month ago and mine are doing great, except for Angel's delicate tummy..She's had some loose stools, but I'm fixing that with pumpkin...Blue is a great food, I recomend it. None of those you mentioned are on the recall list, so they all are fine....They are great for puppies and adults, so no worries there either...

As far as the broth goes, I've used both chicken & beef broth. I buy the low sodium and add water to it. I keep a container of it made up in the frig for convenience. I water my broth down quite a bit, probably about 50/50, if that will anyone....
Thanks for the tips!  I decided to try Blue Buffalo Chicken & Rice.  I mixed 1/2 cup of that with 1/2 cup of the cooked chicken breast & rice and she ate in 5 minutes flat!  I gave her a little more of the Blue Buffalo and she ate that too!  So, she seems to like let's hope she doesn't get sick anymore!  Thanks again  :D
Hey ALL...Blue Buffalo got recalled last thursday.... for a problem in the rice protein... they shut down their web site ( just has a letter stating what happened )
I was feeding it and now have switched to Natures Choice. I just feed this to my mixed female, my boxer does not get caned yet he is just on dry kibble and doing great.
To add to Boxermom07-this is only on the canned food according to the site. If you purchased the dry food-there has been no recall as of yet on that.
I've been feeding canidae for about a month- month and a half and I really like it.  I did a little study of cost vs. quality and canidae came out as the most reasonably priced "premium" dog food.
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