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What was wrong?

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I had been talking to a lady about what happened with the fire and all that stuff and I had got some mixed puppies from her before.Well she offered to give me one of her Chihuahuas for free.She was trying to sell him for $699 but said she would give him to me.I was more than thankful and excited to have a dog around.He was only 8 months so I figured he would love to play.Well yesterday Brandon & I went to pick him up and when the lady handed him to Brandon he try to bite.I figured oh thats alright hes just nervous.So then Brandon tried to hand him to me and tryed to bite again and I was like I dont feel comfortable holding him so Brandon held him and he was trying to jump out of Brandons hands and kept trying to bite.Unagainst my better judgement we took him.We then went to Autozone and I told Brandon I would stay in the car with the dog well the dog wouldnt come near me.It kept looking out the window barking.Yes I figured it was just stressed out but I remember when we got Cheyenne she was no one near acting how this dog was.So then we go to the store and get it food and what not.Take it home and it lifts its leg like 6 times.Then Brandon tryed to put a collar on it and it would run.After that we let it inside.The dog didnt want to come back in.So Brandons dad went to try and pick it up and it bit him.That was my last straw.So I had Brandons dad put it in the car and I took it back.When we got there the dog didnt even want to go to the lady we got it from.Im wondering is this dog not use to contact with humans
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Sounds like this dog has had no socialization at all.  I'm no chihuahua expert, I don't know anything about the breed at all, but that does not sound good at all. I know the few chi's I've come in contact with, they have either been very shy and shaking because they were so nervous, or they have been just real yappy. Is this woman a backyard breeder by chance? By 8 months I would think they would be used to people. The dog was probably real nervous about going with strange people, but something just doesn't sound too kosher with the whole situation.  Poor pup, didn't even want to go back to the woman. I wonder how she was treating the dog!  :(
My SIL loves those dogs but I have always found them to be un-social.  They always yap and try to bite all of our family.  We stopped going over there and invited them to our house instead.  I'm with Tootsie....something doesn't sound Kosher there.  Maybe it is a good thing you didn't keep it.  Sounds like it would have taken a lot of patience and work and you already have your hands full!
To me after talking to her she a BYB.She has 21 Chis,10 Sphyn Cats,2 Chinese Crested and other animals.She lets the dog go the bathroom on cardboard!!
I'm sure you will find another pet for your family soon that will be more to your liking.  I'm glad that you didn't get stuck with a dog that doesn't like anyone  :?
I`m just going to stick to boxers  :wink:
That poor Chi sounded a mess, but from what you said, I wouldn't have taken any of her dogs.....Good decision to take her back and stick with boxers....Have you checked out your local Boxer Rescue?
Were actually going to get on from Rockys mom and dad.Sallie the lady Leanne got Gunner from as well.
That is a good idea, she is a good breeder. Ha Ha  :wink:

Hi Heather, I finally got on here. It is a really nice site. Sorry to hear about the mishap with the Chihuahua. You did the right thing by taking it back. You wouldn't want something like that around your little ones. I do feel sorry for it though, poor thing. She obviously isn't  a very good breeder. I could never sell a dog to someone knowing that it would bite !!
Stick to Boxers ! Gotta luv em.

talk at ya soon,
Nice to see you on here.Brandon & I are so ready to have a lil one running around the house again
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