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What's your boxer eating?

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What do you feed your boxer?  If kibble, what brand, how much do you spend say in a month, and how much and how often do you feed?

As I mentioned in another post, Jaxon eats Science Diet puppy at the moment (looking to switch), he has not yet finished the first bag so I don't have a $ amount in spending, and he eats 2-3 cups three times a day.

Thanks a lot!
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Lilly eats Merrick (all types so long as its al stages) 2x per day at a total of 3 cups appoximate.  I mix her dry kibble with canned Merrick.  It's very high grade and she loves it.
Mine are eating Canine Caviar, But I am going to switch to Merrick (if they make a puppy one)
Xena is currently eating a store brand food (which is really crappy) but will soon be switching to a holistic food....Nutro Ultra or Blue Buffalo. Solid gold is also a good one. Merrick is a good one as mentioned above. There are a few things you want to watch our for in dry dog, which are parts of an animal we wouldn't eat (beaks, feet, feathers....would you believe we actually feed this to our fur kids??) and corn, which is a filler, has no nutritional value, is only put in there to make your dog feel full, and many many dogs are allergic to it. I was doing research on dog foods and it seems to me that real food (or "people food" as some call it) is what they should be eating, however, most of us cannot afford that. So look for a good holistic food with no corn or by-products.
Currently feeding Canidae wet and dry kibble (all stages) to both Kane (3 cups) and Sophie (1/2 c 3 times a day).
my boy has been on royal canin since he was able to eat, it has a special line dedicated to boxers, everyone always comments on his coat- how shinny and beautiful it looks costs about 50 bucks a month so far 2 to 3 x a day. we are happy with it, stools are consistant etc.
Henry gets Nutro Natural Choice.  Was the regular whatever type, but it was making him vomit, so we switched to Lamb and Rice formula and haven't had any problems since.  He gets 2 cups twice a day.  We buy it at Tractor Supply Co., it's way cheaper than at PetCo., $20 for a 20 pound bag.  Lasts about a month, I guess, never paid attention.
We started out with the same thing the breeder fed:  Diamond for large breed puppies.  Switched to raw and loved the fact that he suddenly went wild over his meals and that the  doggy odor completely disappeared.  But since he's been sick and just doesn't have the energy for tearing into raw meaty bones, we're feediing him Dr. Pitcairn's "Doggie Oats.  He absolutely loves the stuff, but I'm not very happy with feeding so much grain to an animal whose digestive system simply isn't suited for it.
Bella & the lab eat Canidae.  40 lbs for $37.  Last approx. a month
Chloe eats TimberWolf Organics Lamb, Barley and Apples she has only been on it a few weeks but the food is AWESOME! She gets 2 1/2 cups a day and a 33 lb bag costs us about $60.
Maddie is eating Canidae now. She eats about 3 cups a day. A 40 lb. bag costs me $43 and lasts about a month.  :)
Dixie and Champ have been on Canidae for about a month.  Each gets three cups daily in three feedings.  I add cooked lean ground meat or chicken to their evening meal.  They get treats in between.  I pay $37.00 plus tax for a 40 lb bag.
I have been feeding Nutro Natural Choice, but noticed my pet store carried Chicken Soup, so I'm switching over to that. I also asked if they could start carrying Canidae, waiting to hear about  that....Samson gets 1 cup morning & evening...Angel gets 1 1/2 cups morning & evening...When I add things like carrots, green beans, etc, I cut down on the kibble to balance it out....

I tried the Blue Buffalo, my 2 loved the taste, but it really gave them both the runs real bad and I did a very slow transition.....Surprisingly, the Chicken Soup costs me less than the Nutro...Blue is also very high priced, I think I was paying $38 for a 30 lb bag
We feed Bil-Jac large breed(our Teaki is very sensitive to most foods and after trying many different brands of high/low/middle end foods this is the only one she will eat and loves) it isn't rated well due to the corn but the dogs love it, it dissolves very quickly and they are doing terrific on it, great coats and tons of energy.
Merrick does make a puppy formula as well as a senior formula...
Switched from Beneful to Merrick Turducken yesterday.  Once the transition is over, I plan on about 6 cups daily max. Merrick is $24 for 15lb bag.  I'll buy larger now that I know he will eat it.

Right now I'm doing 1.25 cups Beneful and 0.75 cups Turducken.  Will switch to 1:1 this weekend.  Already seeing benefit to new food.  Less diarrhea, no grass eating and he is a lot slower eating it for some reason.  He still drops loads as big as my head, though.   8O
We just switched to Nutro Max for the girls. they seemd to like it better than the Nutro all stages they were on. We usually buy food once a month but i honestly dont remember how much it costs.
Hoosier eats Merrick dry. He can't handle any canned food. He eats about 3 cups daily of the dry. I add water to his evening meal. Been about 40 bucks a month.
Beckham is on Solid Gold-Wolf Cub Large Breed Puppy -Bison/Salmon.  He gets usually gets 2 cups 2x's a day (almost 8 months old).  Unless he's going thru a growth spurt, then we'll give him 3cups 2x's a day.
A 33lb bag usually lasts us a month and is $44, we are going to start switching him to the Solid Gold -Wolf King Large Breed Adult - Bison/Salmon soon and that is $41 for a 33lb bag.  I decided to keep him on the Solid Gold because his coat is just beautiful and it seems to agree with him.
We have also been mixing in a 1/2 can of either Merrick's Puppy Plate or Wilderness Blend, once a week and they are $2 a can.
Mine are currently on Canine Caviar Holistic Grain Free Venison. They were on Orijen and Acana and they started having some stool issues. Now on Canine Caviar they are doing better, their poops are nice and formed and less stinky.
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