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whistle training?

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Has anyboby used a whistle for training on here for any of their boxers? I have started to give it a try, cuz my male does not like to come back if he gets out or is off the lead. He's not doing bad so far just room to room in the house. Anybody with any tips would be great.
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whistle as in dog whistles? I've heard they are a great training device. I just usually use my mouth for the whistle though :lol:
If you talking about teaching you dog a takes a lot of time and work. Initially, when you call your dog, reward him for any attempt to respond, even if it's just him looking and turning toward you. Make a big deal out of it. Lots of treats and praise. If he runs away and wants to play...punishing him when you finally catch him is going to make him not want to come. Don't make a big deal out of it...just catch him and quietly go inside.

If he likes to run away like it's a game...don't play....ignore him if possible. The more you chase him, the more he'll do it. Instead, find a way to make him want to chase you instead. Until he starts to listen and shows a good recall, dont' let him loose outside of a confined area.

Spend short periods of time teaching him this too. A long session is also bad. Spend time teaching him other things too....Sit, Stay, Down, Look/Watch...and so on.

Another good thing...keep treats with you...when ever he comes over to you...or see him coming over, give him your command, such as "come", and when he gets to you, give him a treat. If every time he comes to see you, he gets a treat, he'll be more likely to want to come to you.
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So far He comes to the whistle real good in the house, I havnt tried it outside yet, then again we are only on day 2 of trying this, and so far I am very pleased with his progress. About every 30 - 45 mins I give a few toots on it and when he comes he gets lots of praise and and a yummy treat. So far so good, hopefuly it gets a little bit warmer soon and we'll take it outside in a fenced in area.
I can't whistle. . . :lol:

But my dogs do come on recall, which is a command that they're introduced to from the time that they're wee puppies. :)
BurningRiver\";p=\"2439 said:
I can't whistle. . . :lol:
LOL me either thats why bought one, like i said he seems to respond real good to it now in the house, I hope to take it outside soon.
I can't whistle either, and I have wondered if that works..There have been times when we have been outside & Samson wouldn't "come" when i called and Marq would whistle and sure enuf, Samson runs to him...Something for me to think about I guess..

Sounds like you are off to a good start & like Serendipity said, do short sessions,,Boxers get bored easy :)
Well we tried it outside and he came twice then got sidetracked by a car going down the road and wanted to go see what my neighbor was doing!!!! He still responds GREAT in the house to the whistle just outside there are much more interesting things outside then me. Then again he is only going to be 8 months feb 13th so he is still a young-in....... Like they say practice makes perfect. Isn't it funny when they look at you with that look that they know what you want them to do but they just don't want to do it..... He's a smart dog tho.
I got a new whistle from ACME... and i cant say enough about it its a lot better then the ones that I had. I think he hears it a lot better and its a lot easier to use the the cheaper ones. still he is responing great in the house I just the weather in ohio was a little better! :evil:
I cannot whistle either!!!!  Everyone at the dog park thinks it is funny to see me try.... I think Cactus comes when he hears people laughing!
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