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White boxer skin question...

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My little Micster has started looking pinker in the last few days...he isn't out in the Sun that much...he seems ok otherwise...anyone else with a White boxer who pinks up occasionally? One friend said she thought it was just dry skin...her boxer pinks up and then it goes away and then it happens again...I am just wondering if there is anything I can do for him...

Oh, as a last note we live in a very dry gets pretty hot here in the Summer...and I don't bathe them traditionally...just wipe them off here and there as I don't want to dry their skin out...

Any input is appreciated!


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Petey goes through the same thing sometimes. He "pinks up" like you say, and it doesn't really matter if he's inside or out when it happens. I think it could also be from playing rough sometimes? and some spots getting a little irritated from the rough play. on his last vet visit, we asked and she said that it was nothing to really worry about, since we'll really be able to tell if he's getting sunburned or getting some kind of funky skin. we have to be pretty careful with Petey though in the sun because it gets like stupid hot here in texas--Rich
Lilly is always pink here...i think its due to the heat.  She has a cooling bed, cape and "collar" that we use daily.  In the sun she wears a, spf 50 ssunscreen that is waterproof.  I wouldnt worry about it too much as its easier to see a white boxers skin...i had a flashy brindle boy (the BIG one i was taling about earlier in chat) and his flash would do that in hot weather...  

Liz and Lilly
Ok...thanks...that is good to hear...I'm already so in love with him and I think I am just afraid of anything going, could you tell me where you got the sunscreen? Is it a human sunscreen?  We get some pretty intense Sun here, too...I think it might help...especially on his little muzzle.

Thanks again for the replies! :D
You can use human sunscreen on him, most people like to use one that's formulated for children as it's less likely to irritate.

You'll probably notice Mic pinking up if he's excited, agitated or even just after walking him.  Basically, anything that increases his heart-rate will cause him to "blush" as it increases the bloodflow to the skin, and it's just really noticeable in whites.
Hi there!  no comments on the red skin thing I'm afraid as we haven't had any probs with that yet but just wanted to comment on how much your baby Micster looks like our little Roxy!!  She's coming up 5 months old and has the same brindle eye patch (but on the opposite eye I think!) and black spots!  we joke that she's turning into a dalmation, each day there seems to be more spots appearing haha!  :)
 LOL! Your Roxy is adorable! (Not that I'm partial or anything!LOL!)

We say the same thing oldest boy keeps saying "Are you sure he isn't part dalmation?" (he knows better...we know the parents of the dogs) But, he sure seems to be getting more spots...and now some of them are turning the same shade of brown as the brindle patch...and the ones on his tummy look like chocolate chips...They are SO much fun! :)  

I had ended up giving Mic a benedryl before I even saw any of the responses to my he seemed crabby and itchy...this morning, he is a white as I have ever seen fact, I think maybe whiter!  No more, we think allergies are the culprit in this particular doggies flushed appearance...he seems happier this vet said 1 mg per pound up to twice a day if needed...I think maybe this is a summer thing...we have a lot of sage and such around here...we'll just watch and see.

Thanks for all of the replies! :)
Lola gets pink after running around or if her allergies are acting up.  I use Water Babies SPF 50 on her when I know she'll be in the sun.  I never imagined I'd ever be putting sunscreen on a dog!! :lol:
I'm lovin' all these white babies.. I think I may want one in another years time...
My white babies get VERY pink when there tired. You have such a great looking baby there....
I have noticed that Hank gets alittle pinker when he is playing hard and after I take him out. He is Flashy Fawn with a patch and some black spots.
My girl is a fawn...BUT her chin, where she has white fur only,  gets pretty darn pink when she is hot, or has been exercising for a while.
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