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WHo has a MySpace

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I do!

we also have this thread that has a whole bunch of memebers myspace pages...though it would be nice to see who still has theirs and what new members we arent aware of...we also have a boxer forum group on myspace as well..

previous thread: ... ht=myspace

Ky_IsisnOnyxsMama\";p=\"70958 said:
Looks great.. Love the PIT pix...
Boxer_man_Rich\";p=\"70961 said:
Looks great.. Love the PIT pix...[/quote:e2jqfbb1]

thats my girlfriend here in hawaii..she speaks out all over the country against bsl & dog fighting..her dogs are gorgeous !!! shes a wonderful friend and person!...

chopper was our baby ..still miss him..

if you try to add me..have to know my last name...its sims
myspace is for 13 year old girls  


crap. I just realized my images are broken. blah.
[quote="sully\";p=\"70981":ddqhvnu3]myspace is for 13 year old girls
[quote="Ky_IsisnOnyxsMama\";p=\"70991":1tsu7tjv][quote="sully\";p=\"70981":1tsu7tjv]myspace is for 13 year old girls
[quote="Beka\";p=\"70996":1ij0xn2r][quote="Ky_IsisnOnyxsMama\";p=\"70991":1ij0xn2r][quote="sully\";p=\"70981":1ij0xn2r]myspace is for 13 year old girls
[quote="sully\";p=\"70981":2ulyajaj]myspace is for 13 year old girls
Jeff... That has to prolly be the coolest layout I have seen .. Did you write it or search it??
Boxer_man_Rich\";p=\"71004 said:
are you saying you dont have one????
Are you saying you don't think I'm a 13 year old girl?
i just changed my layout back to the one i asked to be designed...go look :D love it...
That is a nicer layout...I agree much better.
1 - 20 of 43 Posts
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