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will he EVER give up the puppy chow???

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I have decided to switch harley to the nutro ultra as you all know.. well he ate it the first day i brought it home. i was out of puppy chow so gave him just nutro.. he hasnt ate in 2 days. so i went out and bought the puppy chow (very small bag) and mixed half and half and he ate it fine..  but how long will this continue?? will he ever eat just the nutro :?:
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Well you're suppose to phase them out of the previous food anyway. We took about 2 1/2 to 3 wks to phase Odin out of the Purina One we were feeding him... but we just wanted to use up all the old food.

Odin's NOT PICKY at all... He eats anything!
I think I gave you the recommended way to transition him off the old food and on to the new in your other post.  As long as he is eating both and not having any diarreah or throwing up - you should be fine.
Like Kate said, I don't recomend doing food changes "cold turkey". Some dogs can handle it, a lot cannot...By doing the slow transition you get him used to eating the new food. If he is eating them both and not trying to pick thru the food, then you shaould be fine, but I would transition him into it..
ditto what has been said. you should phase it by doing 1/2 and 1/2 for a few days, then 1/4 to 3/4 for a few more days then eventually full new food
Our Breeder said that you should never go ''cold turkey" when changing your puppy's food. We feed our Harley Hill's Science Diet, but she said that if we did want to change his food, that we should slowly mix it with his current food since boxers tummy's are VERY sensitive.
well i did mix it half and half.. he trys to pick through it still and leaves most of the nutro there.. and then goes for the bag of puppy chow.
then maybe start with 1/4 new and 3/4 old, and work your way up to half and half, and so forth.
It also wouldn't hurt to maybe add a bit of low salt broth, either beef or chicken. That might spike his interest...
Just curious, as its prlly been discussed before, but is someting wrong with puppy chow? My puppy was on it when i bought him, so i kept him on it. Should I change? He seems fine, is growing and very active. I was wondering though, does food effect, the puppys hygene?
If he doesn't like it, I would try something else.  It would be a shame if you went 14 years adding warm water, pumpkin, yogurt, etc. to his food to make him eat it when there are lots of different quality foods from which to choose.  When you find a food that doesn't give him diarrhea, allergies or rancid gas and he likes it, you no longer have to worry about adding stuff to his bowl.  It has taken some years to find the right food and others get it right the first time.  I've been trying to find a good food since August and can usually get two of the three I care about right.  Good luck.
Xena was on puppy chow as a puppy and then dog chow for a while and she did just fine but she was biting her paws alot which we think could have been a food allergy. Theres not really anything WRONG with it. It'll give your pup the nutrition he needs but there are some things in it that arent great for him. We just picked up Zora yesterday and the breeder had her on Pedigree but were switching her to Nature's Recipe which she seems to like so far. Xena is currently on Nutra Nuggets from Costco, but soon as the end of that bag comes near, she too will be on Nature's Recipe. Ultra is a good holistic food. Like everyone said, you might wanna try a slower transition. I work at petsmart and we recommend at least a 10 day transition period. 1/4 new food and 3/4 old for the first few days. then 1/2 and 1/2 for the next few days. Then 3/4 new and 1/4 old and so on...
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I usually do it in about 3 weeks.  First week around 1/3 of a cup.  Second week 2/3 cup of the new.  3rd week 100% new.  Most suggest 1 month of transition.
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