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Will she get taller?

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Binga will be 8 months old Feb. 6th.  Last time she was weighed she was at 41lbs.  For a long time she was just constantly growing and then seemed to just stop.  She has gotten longer, but not taller.  My husband jokes and calls her a mini boxer.   :roll:

I went through quite a few topics on here trying to find the answer.  I decided it would be easier to just ask.

ALSO I have noticed that her bottom lip is kinda crooked.  I will try to take a picture to show what I mean.  I checked her teeth and jaw to see what the deal was, but everything looks fine.  Teeth are all lined up normal.  But when she sits and stares at you, you can notice that crooked little bottom lip.  Poor Binga   :cry:
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Have you measured her??  Hanna is about 22.5 inches which is almost top of the standard (23 max) and I think she is tiny.  However that was due to the fact that around my area there are many badly bred boxers who are taller and bigger.  So she is smaller than some of the one locally here, however she is within standard and they are not.

Best to measure her from the withers to the ground.
I think she could still get taller, up until 1 year even.  How tall is she at the withers, or shoulders?
I am about to leave work.  I will measure her as soon as I get home.  That would be a good judge.  I will let yall know.

Angel is almost 23" and to me she doesn't seem tall at all, probably cos she is so dainty looking...As far as will Binga grow more, very possibly..Generally  by 18 mos, they are as tall as they will get, at that point then they start to fill out  :)
I'm interested to see how tall she is. I always measure Kaci from the top of her shoulder blade to the floor and she's 19" (35 lbs).
Hanna, you are right, I just measured Delilah and she is about 22 inches.  I see a lot of boxers that are bigger.  I think some people think bigger is better even though technically isn't correct for the standard.  Felix is 21" and about 47lbs. at 10 months, if that helps you any bingasmom.
ok.  i measured her from the top of her shoulder blade to the floor.  she is about 21".  from what everyone has said i guess that is about normal.

i guess she just seems really small.  not sure why.  when i bring her around my mom's "weenie" dog she seems MASSIVE.

my husband had a male boxer when he was younger.  i think he is comparing them.  since she is female she won't be as big as his was right?

as far as the crooked lip i mentioned.  here is a pic.  it doesn't seem as bad as what i remember.  maybe it just gets hung on a tooth or something.  but you can kinda see it here. its the bottom lip.

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Oh definitely the males will be bigger, for a good comparison, look at Jeanene's 2 boys then her Pua, at the same age, there was a huge difference...I see what you mean about the lip, looks kinda cute actually :) She has such a sweet face anyways
Yeah, males are 23"-25" and females are 21.5"-23.5"
Thanks for the help!   :D
CrazieKC\";p=\"73364 said:
I'm interested to see how tall she is. I always measure Kaci from the top of her shoulder blade to the floor and she's 19" (35 lbs).
I still can't believe Kaci is so small.   8O
That's a comfort! I've thought that Hoosier is small for the longest and hoped for a growth spurt. Good to know that he is measuring up close to the standard. He was about 22" last I checked. He also looks smaller when he walks next to 6'4" Dad.  I've seen SO MANY tall boxers...good to know that they are the freaks! He's close to a year, so I don't expect much more height. He's starting to fill out nicely though.
I've got to measure Cooper's height, but this thread prompted me to weigh him again.  He is 51 lbs!  Wow!  This is up from the 37 lbs when I got him at 8 months.  He's still pretty narrow so I know he's got quite a bit of filling out to do, but he isn't quite the runt that I thought he was.  He's around 10 months old now.
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