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Way to go Mongo! Tell your mommy that she should take that pix of you and have post cards or greeting cards made of it... I can just see this pix on greeting card shelves everywhere....

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Torture :lol:

What ??? that's not allowed?

I was wondering how Mongo's Mommy got him to leave the wig on? I think that was so cute. What a pretty boy he is!
It was a struggle. Put on wig, back up to take pic, off came wig, repeat over and over (Also had cookies in hand)

I just died laughing!
That's gotta be animal abuse. lol!

Shh, don't want the authorities to show up!

Thanks for all the comments and votes ! :)

Mongo said he's not sure what he wants, but after the last four days he said he wanted his own personal heater that doesn't need electricity.

21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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