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winter wonderland - video & pics

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This morning after our 6.5 inch snow yesterday, Kiah was having so much fun.


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Looks like she had a blast in all that snow!

Mine like to run in the snow...we've never gotten quite that much yet..only a couple inches at a time...they also like to eat it...Kiah is looking really good!
she looks so happy!! Wonderful pics Barb
WhoooHooo Snow Day!!! Looks like she had BIG fun out there :D
Aww Kiah is so gorgeous! Makes me want a fawn sooo bad! She looks like she had a ball playing in the snow. Sadie also goes nuts when there's fluffy snow! Like right now its coming down in buckets and when we go out to potty all she wants to do is play and say hi to all the neighbors with their snowblowers!! LOL
ahhh kiah looks great.  We need to play again!
[quote="Nexu\";p=\"62616":2p8q94rn]ahhh kiah looks great.
She looks like she was having a BLAST!!! Too funny!! She looks great!!
Look at all the snow!!! Wow, and Kiah is just having a blast in it as well..Great pics Barb
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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