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  • The pet's head can be sticked out to breathe fresh air freely
  • Wide shoulder straps to reduce stress
  • Special safety collar to prevent pets from falling

Withdog said,
If you have a puppy that likes to be tucked under your arm, this pet pack is perfect for all types of people traveling with a dog, it allows you to take your dog to the tours hands-free and comfortably, the sling comes with a safety collar to Make sure your dog doesn't slip out.

Withdog means to be with the dog, to be friends with the dog, to treat the dog like family. At the beginning of the company's establishment, it imagined and painted a warm picture of "we run on the green grass with the dog". So we combined the elements of nature and dog, the shape of the mountain is "and" and the shape of the dog is "dog". We are not only committed to providing one-stop service for dogs, but also to convey the concept of equality, health and optimism.

We are committed to creating an exclusive space for your dog and providing one-stop service for your dog. The goods in the store cover five categories: clothing, daily necessities, accessories, furniture and toys. Complete variety, high quality and low price. Our store regularly holds promotions and updates regularly, so stay tuned.
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