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There are so many things that can make them itch.  It is hard sometimes to find out what it is.  I would say that I agree if the Benedryl does not help it is food/envir allergy.  The other thing is flea allergy, if by chance your dog is allergic to fleas if they get just one or two on them it can start them to scratch and nothing at home seems to help them stop.  Not saying that they even have to have fleas but even the products such as Frontline/Advantixx/Revolution a flea can still get on them it just cant stay on them....

So I would start there and see if you are seeing them.  From there maybe try a change in diet and see if that helps the skin without tearing up the stomach....There is also a pretty new product out for allergy dogs and even though it seems a little expensive in the long run it really isnt because it does seem to stop the itch.  Here is the link to it you can read about it and maybe talk to your vet....

Good luck!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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