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Wormer question

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Hi all,

I have a 4 months old puppy and 4.5 year old bitch.

I want to worm my animals and want to know if these are going to be upto the job:

I have been told they are okay, if so, how often should they be given please?

Thanks all

(1st post!)

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Welcome to the forum.  You can find alot of good info here.

I was curious if you are worming as preventative, are seeing worms or if you have had your two checked for worms..
Shouldn't a stool sample be examined first to see if they have worms and then if so, shouldn't the vet determine what product to give.  I would think that random worming could miss what might really be investing them and miss what you need to treat?
hi guys

thanks for the replies

it was a preventative messure.

Ive not noticed worms in the dogs poo.


Hi and welcome!

I'm from Stoke-on-Trent in Staffordshire so not too far away from you!
I get my wormer off the net too, but I get drontal tablets as they kill every known type of worm in the uk. I worm Daisy once every three months, which is normally recommended.
Hope this helps!

Drontal is excellent stuff..
REALLY????  You are to deworm a dog every 3 months???  I have never heard of that.
Yeah here in the uk it's recommended that you treat your dog for worms once every 3 months. This is what vets advise.
Is it different where you guys are from?

i have never heard of every 3 months worming here in the US, but i am not sure. I mean we have the monthly heartworm/flea stuff but that is really all i have heard of. you or your clinic reccommend this?
Chloesmom\";p=\"26608 said: you or your clinic reccommend this?
Worming every 3 to 6 months for a dog that is not on a heartworm preventative at all or all year as with some states (I am not sure of the UK) or on one that does not cover other worms....Like Revolution, it does not cover intest. worms. I agree that Drontal is probably the best product because it covers tapeworms as well.  If your using Heartgard, Interceptor or Sentinal there is no need for an additional wormer.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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