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Would you like to meet Ophelia?

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Hello! I'm Julie. I'm new here.  I thought I would show off our lil' gal, Ophelia. She is 3 months old. These pictures are from various times since we've brought her home. She is growing up happy and healthy, and having a blast with her adopted sister, Sasha, an American Staffordshire terrier.

Anyway, thought i'd show some pics.

here she is the day we brought her home:

and with her adopted sister, Sasha:

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hello & welcome.what a cutie.her n sasha look alike
welcome it is true they look alike how cute....
Welcome to all of you...What sweeties you got and they do look alike!!! Feel free to jump in with any questions, stories, you name it... :)
omg they are so cute... and i love the name ophelia...
Beautiful!  I love puppies!
awwwwww. i love puppy pics too. they are always cute when they are pups. :D
Welcome to the forum.  Those are lovely pictures.  How close are Ophelia and Sasha's birthdays?
They are both very cute indeed.  They look very happy and content.
Omg they are so adorable
Both are so cute! Welcome aboard!  :D
thank you for all the warm welcomes =) =)
Sasha was born on x-mas eve, and Ophelia was born on December 27th.
We first adopted Sasha the amstaff from a rescue program, and wanted her to grow up with a friend and companion other than my boyfriend and myself. So a few weeks after Sasha came into our home, we adopted Ophelia. They got along famously from the start, and adore one anothers company.

We named Ophelia after the main character in my favorite film, Pan's Labyrinth. She's got quite a dome on her head. Does anybody else have a boxer with a head shaped that way?

here are 2 silly pictures of her playing with my friend's boxer. He is about 6 months old now. They played all day long! This looks like they're being aggressive, but they were really just having fun, I promise! They just make me laugh

and here she is with our oldest guy, a Springer Spaniel-

ok and one more!

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Now those are some cute pictures. I love watching boxers play & yes they can get quite vocal and at times sounds like they are killing each other. If you know your dogs, then you can tell when it's play and when it's serious....The dome, which I call "conehead" should smooth out more, most boxer puppies have that for a bit and it gradually recedes... Enjoy her while she's young, to soon it goes away... :cry: Then again, sometimes we heave a big sigh that we survived "Puppyhood"...Lol
no need to sure we all know what its like when two nutty creatures like boxers get together!!
ROTFLMAO!!! Those first two pictures are crazy! Great action shots. Love the tongue in the third picture. Ophelia is a cutie!  :)
Welcome! what adorable pups! glad they found good homes with you.
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