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Xena and her mini-me! Park pics!

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Here are some pics from the dog park the other day. There was a little female Boxer pup there named Maya who looks similar to how Xena did when she was a pup. She was Xena's little mini-me!
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How cute! She is just like a little Xena mini-me! LOL!

those are great, they remind me how much I love having two boxers.  They are each other's favorite chew toy so nothing in the house gets destroyed
I wish i had 2 boxers....One is just not enough.
Awhhh.... great pics! I wish I had multi boxers! LOL Then again sometimes I find my hands are full enough with a 22 month old and a boxer pup... I can dream though!
someday, in the far future, Ill get a fawn, not sure when, but now I want 2!!!!!
Awe!! They're too cute! She does look like Xena!
How cute is that!! She really does look like Xena..Great pics, looks like a good time was had by all...I love multiple boxers..They are much better in two's, wish I had gotten another sooner.....The age gap with mine sometimes is tough.. :(
Have to get me one of those paddling pools :D  Great dogs, Xena's a fantastic name-and she's so muscular! My husband was a big fan of the series and i'm sure it wasn't for the high quality script writing :wink: Bet the owners of Maya loved seeing how their own baby might turn out... :D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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