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Xena and Zoe playing...(Zoe at 4 months!) LOTS of pics

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I realized that I have not posted any recent pictures of Zoe since I got her at 8 wks. Shes now 4 months. I brought her and big sister Xena into the computer room with me while I was on Boxerforums just now and decided to snap some pics of them playing...enjoy!


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looks like you have little Zoe's undevided attention in the first two pics, and that last one as well :lol: they are both adorable pups....thanks for sharing :D
Xena and Zoe are beautiful dogs...Zoe is getting big! nice pics!
Aww, they're quite the pair aren't they??? Love the faces in the first pic :D
Hehe...Zoe definitely knows her "look" command.
Those are great...I loved that big stuffed animal they are playing with..I wonder how long that would last around here :) Zoe is really growing and looks lovely as does Xena
So cute and they both are looking great, glad you posted pics.  I think the sleepy puppy one and the last one are so cute.
OMG too cute! Zoe is getting so big now, they both look great.
They are so cute!!!! What part of Miami are you from? I live in kendall. When Cato get over the kennel cough, we should schedule a play date!!!
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