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Yay for Bo!

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G since we got Bo, I've been very concerned about his weight.  He came to us with very little exercise and grew up on purina dog chow.  He was 45 or 46 lbs.  The first month, he lost about a lb here, I think from the extra exercise.  We switched him to Canidae and now to Diamond Naturals Chicken and Rice (which that way we can afford to feed him more).  I've been concerned only because I could see his spine/hip as well as his ribs.  Other than being skinny, he has been healthy as a horse.  Well the last couple weeks, I've noticed that his hips and spine aren't nearly so visible.  The beginning of this month when he was neutered he weighed in at 47.4 lbs...I was happy, but still wanted a bit more hip/spine cover.  Yesterday, he weighed in at 48.4...another pound in about 2 weeks...yay can still faintly see his hip and spine..but nothing like when we got him.  I am soo happy!

Jetta on the otherhand has pretty much stopped growing for the last month and a half.. she was 35 lbs a month and a half ago and only 38 now...hmmm...and only 6.5 months old...
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Congrats Bo! a pound at a time, that is what i kept telling myself when i was trying to put weight on Savannah. Jetta more than likely is at a low time, wait til the growth spurt hits :)
Congrats Bo!  He and Felix are about the same size- Felix is 46.4 lbs (he lost a pound!) and 11 months old.. but he doesn't even have ribs showing unless he is stretched out, haha.
I wouldn't stress too much about Jetta.. she still has lots of time to grow if she decides too :)  Personally i'm glad Felix is staying on the smaller side for now.
Yea Bo! Lucy is almost 11 mos and is stuck at 45.6lbs. I can't wait until she has a little bit more meat on her bones!
Good boy Bo.  I know that Kiah grew in spurts, so maybe that is what is happening to Jetta too.
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