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I notice you are in Thailand, so I have to ask if you've noticed something that my husband says was pretty common when he grew up there.  I.e., that mutts are used ONLY as outdoor "guard dogs" and never petted, loved or in any way acknowledged as feeling, sentient beings.

I can share one first-hand experience of this.  When my husband took our then-five-year-old son and I to Thailand for the first time, there was a dog in his mother's courtyard when we first arrived.  Having just gotten our first dog for our son several months-prior he lighted up and rushed to pet and play with the dog.  My mother-in-law VERY hurriedly rushed over to shoo the dog away, as though it might hurt or infect him, though it was clearly a playful little guy.

When I asked my husband about it, he said that "Dogs in Thailand are used ONLY to guard the property. They are NOT let in the house or treated like companions."  

It certainly explained for me (years later) why, in the 16 years we had our first dog, I never once saw my husband pet her or show her any sort of attention.

Fast forward to Atticus.  My daughter was SUPPOSED to be Atticus' "mommy" (ha!) and she told her father when we came home with him, "I really need you to accept and love this dog."  

And he has!  He blows my mind in how differently he treats this dog than our last.  At first I thought it was simply because my daughter had specifically requested it.  But I finally asked him what the heck the difference was, and he clarified the Thai bias against dogs is specific to MUTTS.  Purebreds are okay, I guess.  Mutts are good enough only to guard their homes, and that without even an ounce of affection in return.

So, is this still the general attitude in  Thailand?  (My husband left there when he graduated from high school and has only been back five times in the last 30 years.)

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