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[align=center]20 Ways for Anyone to Assist Boxer Adoption[/align]
[align=justify]Many of us want to be involved in helping those who run rescue organizations for Boxers but are unsure what we can do. We have listed 20 ways in which anyone with even a small amount of time can help a Boxer rescue organization. This is what helps these organizations going strong and continuing to save thousands of Boxers each year.

1. Transport a Boxer being adopted or fostered. Many rescue organizations transport Boxers to their new family, sometimes out of state. For this reason rescue organizations are always looking for drivers to help transport the Boxers.

2. Donate beds, toys and crates. While a Boxer waits for their forever family to come and adopt them they need a warm place to sleep and toys to play with.

3. Make a monetary donation. Although organizations often charge for adopting a Boxer, many times this fee does not cover the cost of upkeep for the dog. Your donation is always appreciated and you will feel good knowing you have helped another living creature.

4. Donate bowls and food. Feeding one Boxer can at times be a financially constraining, imagine the cost of feeding several hungry mouths.

5. Donate a food dish or a stainless bucket for a crate?

6. Donate a leashes and collars. While waiting to be adopted the Boxers will need to be walked and lead broke.

7. Donate postage stamps. Many times applications and other forms need to be mailed to potential adopters and postage is always appreciated. If you have extra time offer to put together and mail out the applications.

8. Offer your services in grooming and walking the dog. If you can hold a big Boxer boy and soap him down you are eligible.

9. Donate grooming supplies such as shampoo, brushes and nail clippers.

10. Give a gift certificate to a pet store so the rescue organization can get needed supplies.

11. Offer to take photos of the Boxers up for adoption. With the berth of the Internet more and more rescue groups are offering pictures of Boxers available online.

12. Donate a digital camera or film so the organization can take pictures of available dogs.

13. Offer your professional services. Many of us work in an area outside of pets and can offer our expertise in the area we are trained. Maybe you are an accountant and can offer to do the tax returns or maybe a programmer that can create a web site for the organization. Just think about what job skills you have that may be of use.

14. Donate dog-related items for auctions and raffles the organization may offer.

15. Conduct a yard sell and donate the proceeds to a rescue group.

16. Cut out coupons in the paper for dog food and treats and give them to the rescue group.

17. Offer to dog sit to give workers of the group and foster parents a night off.

18. Offer to assist in a fundraiser.

19. Take time to tell other friend and family members about the rescue organization. Many times our contacts are looking for a Boxer and might not even know about Boxer adoption.

20. Donate your time and become a foster parent[/align]

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Thanks for the reminder Bri...We tend to forget that there many ways to help besides adoption.... :)
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