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You won't believe what happened today!!!

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We had an early morning appointment with the dentist for all four of my DC.
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that is the weirdest thing ive ever heard!
I'd start knocking on neighbors doors and ask if they did it. Then I'd scream at them for it.

who thinks it's ok to go into someone's home when they're not there. AND let a puppy have free run?!

I'm guessing she was barking, so someone (probably not a dog owner) thought letting her in would be a good idea.

I'd make them pay for your shoes. at least.
hmm thats weird, but maybe somehow she got off her runner and so they put her of the few times harley has been on  aleash/runner, she actually (still dont knwo how) managed to keep her collar on, and get off the runner (has a regular clasp) i know no one took her off it b/c we were camping and pretty much right outside with her, sometimes those things can come undone or twisted in the right way and get undone.

anyways thats weird but maybe someone was trying to look out for her?
Thats wild, I would be banging on neighbors doors and talk with this person who did that. I would feel violated that someone is lurking and watching your house. Start locking the doors and put the puppy in the garage .
Hopefully one time they won't steal your dog.
good luck and stay safe
im sure the person thought that they were helping... But its still totally unnecessary to enter someone elses house.
Since you don't know who did it, then it's quite a bit inappropriate IMO.

3 of my neighbors have my cell phone # and 2 have keys to my house, so if something odd like that happened I'd be pretty certain who did it and I probably wouldn't even be mad (since they were likely trying to help).
If they were trying to help they should have at least left a note explaining why they did what they did.
Now that's a bit scary if you ask me..Some strange person in your house? And leaving a puppy roaming? If it was someone you knew, you would think that they would have left a note, or what I would have done is take the pup to my house, leave you a note saying what happened...Very weird indeed
WOW....that is really surprising that someone would be that bold!  My neighbor across the street from me would do something like that....but we are like family.  Kinda scary!
WHY is it the dogs seem to know which shoes to NOT go to...and do?!
Glad everyone and everything was ok!
That is crazy. Im sorry about the wrecking of your house. I know how you feel. I would asks the neighbors as well, maybe they might know something. At least no one took anything while they were there
That is the craziest thing I've ever heard!!!  Bringing the dog into the house or not...who walks into someone else's house, especially when they're not home!!!
Just be thankful it was a well-meaning (if misguided) intruder and not someone who would have helped themselves to Ginsy along with your tv and DVD player and what-not.

All in all, the outcome could have been a lot worse!
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