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Your dogs favorite thing to play with?

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Just wondered if anyone else had boxers who loved to play with items that weren't really toys?
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such cute pictures...maverick plays with socks and also pot holders which he steals from the counters when im preparing things...they have to be thrown out or washed soooooooooo many times a week it's exhausting!
That is so cute, love the picture of him holding his orange balloon.  Kiah will steal my socks, but she doesn't play with them just hides them on me.
That is soo cute!!! And looks like Ziggi is really enjoying his balloons :) Can't think of anything unusual that mine play with, no, that's not true, Angel likes cardboard boxes :lol:
That's just so cute how gentle he is with his balloons!
Daisy is quite fond of socks! My husband takes a sock off and Daisy will carry it upsatirs for him! Shame she hasn't learnt how to put it in the washing basket though! I normally end up with a dirty sock plonked on our bed! LOL!

he is a very good looking dog...

I know you understand the dangers of ballons, i figured I would just share info...

Very Cute pics
Bubbaboy\";p=\"78283 said:
he is a very good looking dog...

I know you understand the dangers of ballons, i figured I would just share info...

Very Cute pics
I agree supervision is required with all toys (dog or kids  :D ....both of ours like to tear the stuffing out of their toys so we have to watch them like a hawk with them) and if he ever just tries to pop the balloon or ever tries to eat the pieces it will be the end of his playing with them!  Nor will we ever just leave them around for him to have on his own!

Ours have never went after socks.....not sure a dirty sock laying on my pillow would be very fun or having to chase down the pot holders  :D but that is too funny...the things they like to grab and play with!
SOCK! we have a sock bin where we put miss matched socks, and tink will go on the bin and take out as many as she can and prance around the house. Whata nut.
I would have to say his "kitty" ,  man they play and chase each other around the house for hours.. if one stops the other starts it up again.  Besides the cat,, his next fav. is a water frisbie...socks are always a fav. too


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soooooooooooooooooooo cute
What a GORGEOUS boy...and SO cute with his balloon!  Let's see...we have three...but, I would have to say SOCKS...very popular...and a soccer ball that actually belongs to my youngest boy...Pua LOVES the tie belt from my old bathrobe! Runs around and rolls on the ground with it...very cute!
Xena likes tissues, cardboard boxes, water bottles, and milk jugs. Zoe is a puppy so anything thats not hers is her favorite play toy.
Awhhh, great pics! I love the last one! Very handsome boy!! VERY VERY!! He's being SO gentle holding them JUST RIGHT! :)

Odin loves anything that squeaks or makes noise. Cuz' he loves to come over to me and squeak it... like PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!! PLAY WITH ME!!! Which is annoying but super cute!
Yes same for Britney. She loves playing with things that squeak. Squeak = Growl  over and over then start a boxer funny to watch... now shes getting bigger the boxer burn in the office sounds like a bull in a china shop.....

BO!!!!M , POW!, BANG! hitting everything because she now slides on the marble floor...
Sounds like there could be worse things than balloons!  I can just see all those boxer out there running around with socks, tissues and squeaky toys!  8O  :D
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