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I am not sure that this is the right place for this, so please move if needed.
I am having problems with some seperation anxiety with Zu.  Since we had to euthanise Keno, I have been staying home with Zu.  Well to get a paycheck, so my family can eat, I had to go back to work yesterday.  I work ~ 45 min away from home so I cant really just go home in the middle of the day, so my wife she goes home to check on Zu.  Yesterday was the first time Zu has been alone since Keno's passing.  When my wife gets home she says that Zu is totally out of breath and is panting hard.(she is in a house that is kept at a constant 75 degrees and plenty of water)  Zu has free roam of the house, so we think that all morning she was running laps around the house.  The wife takes her for a walk, the second one of the day, because I took her for a walk ~ 4:00 that morning and the wife says that Zu was acting weird, so she cut the walk short.  Well after I get off of work I go home and again Zu is totally just panting and pissed at me.  She is ignoring me and wont sit for a treat, so she didnt get a treat.  (she gets the ignoring thing from Keno, he would do this when we kenneled them)  
I gave her alot of love last night and let her get on the couch with me, to the dismay of my wife, she hates when the dogs get on the furniture.  But I figured Zu needed the family contact.  
So my question is, will this get better as time passes?  Will she learn to not freak out when we are gone?  She is not destructive, but I hate to see her like that.  She is usually a happy dog, but yesterday was hard on all of us.  We are working on the adoption thing, but again we are letting Zu pick her new freind and this has been unsuccesful so far.  I think the realization of Keno being gone is just now setting in with Zu.  Any help would be appreciated.

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i think that zu is dealing with the fact that keno is gone, that is probably why she is not acting like herself.since she cant  tell you"dad, i am sad that keno is gone"she expresses it in other ways.i have never had deal with the loss of a pet or another pets loss of a companion.but i believe it will pass, i would keep an eye on her though. just to make sure she does not get too depressed.
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