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Hitikori 05-31-2019 05:42 PM

I dunno if you guys heard of this issue? The food thing is getting annoying. Iím thinking about going to royal canin, has anyone feed their boxers this for their whole life? Or what

chip18 05-31-2019 08:48 PM

Oh interesting, of the top of my head ... I had no idea what "DCM" was but it turns out I do! It's related to "cardio" issues and comes back to if some dogs can't reproduce "Taurine " on there own??

In the old days it was not that big an issue?? Although it may have been with Boxers?? But these days everyone/most. Are on the "Grain Free" band wagon and with the incident of DCM, in other breeds DCM, seems to be on the rise???

Lindar51, on here was the first to make mention of it. And my first reply was ... well that's just silly, Cat Food has "Taurine" dog food does not need it, cuz because dogs can synthesize, Taurine on there own??

Well that is kind of right least ways, it was but, the popularity of "Grain Free Kibble" (mostly for allergies) has kinda messed that up???

But first, just so you know owners that feed a "proper" raw diet ... don't seem to have a lot of more common issues that "kibble feeders" struggle with??

So there is that. But moving on, for the most part "Royal Canine" is over priced prescription required crap!! Now that said ... if you have a pet, that has special dietary needs?? Then yeah they seem to have figured that out??

I had a cat that had UTI issues?? And the only "Kibble" that he could eat with out issues was Royal Canine S/O?? Every now and then because of the "hassle factory" I would try another brand of UTI, kibble?? And sure enough ... back to the Vet we go, for a full bladder! issue I gave up after a couple more attempts so he eat R/C S/O for some 20 years.

But back to dogs ... if you can find the list of ingredients for R/C ... DCM food?? I did not know they made that?? But if you can see the ingredients list. I'm pretty sure you'll find "Taurine" on the list of ingredients?? If it's there ... you don't need it! Just add a can of Sardines packed in water once a week and he'll get all the "Taurine he needs!"

I think I found that out here.

Hope this helps???

Lindar51 06-01-2019 07:52 AM

Actually RC is a decent food and so is Purina Pro..Seems the big companies have gotten on board and have improved most of their foods. RC is just so over priced, otherwise I would use it. However some still have corn wheat which I prefer to avoid. I've been reading quite a lot about the dcm issue and its relation to grain free. Not all grain free is bad, the final report is not out yet but it leans toward dogs getting their protein from legumes, beans, peas, basically plant based. Dogs need to get their protein from meats & fish, poultry. So if you are feeding grain free you should check that 50% or more of the protein comes from animal not plant. I feed the Victor all life grain free but its protein does not come from plants.

chip18 06-01-2019 02:45 PM

I take your point and yeah it's the corn filler that ticked me off. That and the hassle factor
(prescription required) that ticked me off!!

So in addition of the hassle factor involved in finding it locally when we move they added another $50 bucks on top of the $35 for a 12 pound bag of cat food! As if anyone would buy that stuff if they had a choice, but I digress.

So the protein, in grain free, needs to be sourced from meat?? Victory's is a good food but it can be hard find locally?? In any case the Op needs to know about :

In case they don't?? :)

Lindar51 06-01-2019 06:06 PM

Chip we a;ways got Victor at the local feed store but now has it so I just order it with everything else. The Frisco 30 lbs non scented cat litter is good too. We used tidy cat and its comparable in fact I find it tracks less, if t all. (not the lightweight though) so poor delivery guy.

chip18 06-02-2019 05:16 AM

LOL yeah Chewy does have it. But by God I've always bought dog in person and I see no need to change now?? Time and place kinda thing I suppose?? :)

Oh well now I gotta work on the Prius, both freaking headlights went out??? They were just changed less than a year by the shop!! I spent two hours trying to get one both out!!

I kinda like the weird little car but it a pain to work on and the changing bulbs is ridiculously bad!!???

Did you get my PM?? I sent it out the same day you replied?? Oh and in the OP still here???

Lindar51 06-02-2019 08:06 AM

Chip, I replied back today, its now working fine. I think I messed up my computer but IZ have that fixed now too. Yeah I always bought food in person too but I a really like Chewy, no traffic dlvd to my door. Quite convenient. LOL Especially with heavy cat litter. Now I need a cart to bring it in from the front door. How ever did I do that before? just from the store. My neighbor just sold his prius over 200,000 and he never changed anything on it, not brakes, nothing. LOL There are some really good u-tube videos. My daughter learned to change bulb other honda in like 3 minutes after the 1st one. Apparently there are some places that are telling you that you basically have to pull the bumper but in reality you do not and it should take about 5 minutes to change, Keep looking for the right video lol.

Matt74 06-02-2019 09:27 AM

I would just try to pick a good dog food and if you are worried you can always add sardines, make sure the only ingredient is water, I have seen them labeled "in water" but have salt and soy added, can also add eggs.

I do both, I add sardines and soft boiled eggs a couple times a week. Just adjust the kibble accordingly to balance out the extra food.

Hitikori 06-04-2019 09:03 PM

I’ll probably try to see about adding sardines, but yea I’ve been feeding them orijen, I just switched to it and I used to give them Stella and chewy, but I’m like what grain free food is using mostly vegetables? Cause they all have peas

Lindar51 06-05-2019 07:53 AM

I'm no expert on foods and from what I've seen some of the grain free will have a lot of peas making them their major source of protein. I think you origin is a good food. If your concerned you can always add some sardines . I think just being somewhere in the middle and being sure our pups get a balanced meat based food we should be ok. Going too far either way probably isn't good. ?

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