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Default My Boxer Puppy Tahoe

Ok so yesterday, my husband and I had to go someplace. We were gone for about 2 hours. Our oldest Boxer Jake was guarding the house, and the puppy (7 mos old) was in his crate, which he HATES.

We arrived back home and it looked like it had snowed in our bedroom; he had dragged Jake's bed into his crate and SHREDDED it. But the really bad part here I did not find out until later is that he ingested some of the flannel blanket.

That night when he 'did his business' he flew back inside after. It was dark and he flew up on our leather sectional, ran into the hallway and jumped on our bed. I have a sensitive nose, so I smelled "poo." I started the search and it was on our comforter, on the top sheet and on my side of the bed. So I started cleaning, but I still smelled poo. I searched and out of my cute little puppy's butt was hanging part of that blanket, so I pulled it out. Ugh!

We went to bed (after I had changed the bed and cleaned him up). The next morning I woke up with Tahoe retching at the side of my bed. So I cleaned it up. It was a white color in three pieces about an inch wide, all solid/soft. Ugh again!

So time went on, puppies were fed.

He was okay, playing with his brother and me and he went to 'do his business' and again he came running towards me, but I was ready with a paper towel and the door closed. I pulled about three inches of blanket out of his butt. He has been fine since, but I wanted to check with the vet. We cannot afford the vet- we are on a "shoestring" because I am not working and my hubby is on disability.

Tahoe continues to be fine, eating normally, drinking water, having a bath, and playing. and he had another "business and it was normal, thank God!

I just wondered has anyone else gone through this with their puppies eating something like this and what did they do?
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Hmm so Jake (the one not Crated) ate the bed?? In any case it sounds like you got lucky!
If he has other wise not doe anything like that?? It sounds like a bad reaction to his buddy being locked up??

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The good part is it passed thru. It cold very well have caused a blockage that would cost you thousands. We just had a case with our corn terrier.She destroys any toy made. She had one we thought was safe but within minutes she had nubs and an end off. She threw up for 2 days. Each time I found a piece of toy. She pooped normally maybe a bit loose and funky. But then she started to a ct lethargic and would not eat. Well this is n normal for her but it had gotten more and more frequent. So because I couldn't be 100% sure all the toy came up off to the vet we went, it was on a Sunday so er vet. $1000. then 2 days in regular vet another $400.. Turns out no blockage. Vet said if they eat and poo normally most likely no blockage. After all this expense we find that our dog either had cancer in her intestines or IBD disease (irritable bowl disease). In order to check for cancer (all her bloodwork done wa normal) they have to do a more specialized txt which wold be back at the er vet for service. I opted we treat for IBD disease and go from there. That was my ER cash so I will have to save up again. Hopefully none of the other dogs get sick meanwhile. I think as long as your boy is now pooping normal he probably is ok but the only sure way is X-ray. I don't want to say what you should do but as long as my guy acted fine, ate and good fine I'd probably be fine. Good wishes to you.
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I hope the puppy is doing better. You likely have lots of tough chew toys that he should be chewing on and to keep him entertained. Our boys do and they have still torn up many dog beds and toys, and..... It does get better.

This is one of the downfalls to boxers being so smart, sometimes they are clever enough to get out of crates and things, but not smart enough to not consume something they shouldn't.

It's not super clear, but as I read this, the puppy was somehow out of the crate and destroys and eats everything he can. Let me know if this is not correct.
I'm sure there's data and such on here about how to get them to stop eating the things they shouldn't.

For your questions from my experience:

We had a boxer years ago who got out of his crate while we were gone and he ate a rubber cover for the slide handle. We didn't notice it was gone until the next morning when he started retching. Took him to the vet, they x-rayed and saw it. They were able to get him to throw it up literally minutes before they were going to cut into him to get it. That was still a couple hundred dollars, but much less than if they would have had to cut him open- and most importantly for him, he didn't have to have surgery. He didn't get into anything else.

One of our now 5.5 year old boys ate/destroyed a pair of boys underwear. We found most of the debris, and didn't think he had eaten any of it. A while later, he was scooting on the floor as he had some small elastic strings hanging from his butt. I didn't think about it and pulled on it and it came out w/o struggle. He didn't have other issues from that luckily. In hind sight, I'm a little leery about pulling things out of them since it could be tangled or twisted inside them.
Both of these boys chew on wood in our house, and on the small trees outside, but don't appear to eat the wood. They will destroy toys/ tear out the stuffing and squeakers- forget tennis balls, they are peeled and chewed up in minutes. They only get these in a locked room with supervision now.

Our 2 year-old puppy, Bandit, has had a couple of strings hanging out from rope toys. These too were easy to pull out (no tension) so I did. Since then we don't give them rope toys to prevent him possibly getting an obstruction. He tears up anything with stuffing, and luckily just leaves it all over the house.

He will do things your Jake never thought of- they are all different like that. About 6 months ago, he decided to get into the trash in our bathroom (that door stays shut now) and chewed up a couple of disposable razors. That was very scary to start finding pieces of it around our bedroom. I was very paranoid for a day or so that he may have swallowed some of the razor or the plastic (he chewed it into sharp pieces). I watched him and he didn't have any behavior, food or toilet issues.

There are some resources that are available if you google it that could help if you need to take him to the vet. You can also ask around at various vet clinics, some will offer discounts.

Sometimes a rescue can help with a bill for a situation like yours (not all of them will take your dog to help it). One of the local rescues raised funds for a dog who ate a flip flop. Why separate a family if you don't have to?

I've seen people on a FB boxer group I belong to ask for help and local options for boxers with various issues. Many are on a fixed budget, and need a little help with a one-time issue.

We have our boys on a Banfield plan so we pay a monthly fee and if something comes up, we don't have a high vet visit bill (unless they need specific treatment or meds). One weekend I had one of our boys in and out of the vet office 4-5 times with hives.

Sorry this is so long. I hope it helps and gives you some options. It's scary when you don't know what they may have done... I hope he's fine.
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Got to say I'm so glad my guy is not destructive. lol

Sound like your pup passed whatever it was. I would still keep an eye on him for a few days, but from my understanding a blockage would cause extreme discomfort and little to nothing coming out of the caboose.
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